Friday, August 30, 2013

Smitten Polish Friday part two

Part two of Smitten Polish Friday. This is more a spam post, since many of these are redos of previously posted photos. Have a great weekend everyone!
Smitten Polish Aquarius

Smitten Polish Ermahgerd, Candy Corms!

Smitten Polish Glass Elevator

Smitten Polish I Feel Wicked

Smitten Polish Winter is Coming
Smitten Polish Copper Canyon


Smitten Polish Juice Box

Smitten Polish can be purchased on Etsy, Llarowe, Femme Fatale and Edgy Polish. Updates can be found on Facebook.


  1. Love them all! Juice Box is my favorite.

  2. Juice Box! Why don't I have it? I can't remember even seeing it before? Need it!

    1. lol, sorry! It was a one-off that Noelie made, I don't think she ended up producing it for release.


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