Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Different Dimension Pretty Nauti Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! Today I have a new collection from Different Dimension. Pretty Nauti is a eight polish collection with a nautical theme. 

The Pretty Nauti Collection will be available starting Friday, August 5th at 9 pm EST in Different Dimension's shop. They will be priced from $8.75 to $12 each, with the exception of Ship Happens, which will be just $5 and there will be special discount pricing if you purchase the full eight polish set. 

Also releasing this week are some new cuticle oil scents: 
  • Water You Thinking: sparkling citrus with marine essence and lily
  • Sea-Cret Hideaway: water lily, apple blossom, sweet sandalwood, soft bergamot, & marine notes
  • Yeah Buoy: salty sea mist, summer melon, sand dunes, sun bleached driftwood 
  • Nautilus You Tell Me No: vanilla, citrus 
  • Fear Knot: guava, peach, orange blossom
Different Dimension Bad Buoy
Two coats
Navy jelly with gold and green color-shifting shimmer
That shimmer is verrrrrry nice indeed. It's a jelly polish but because of the darker blue coloring, I applied two coats and had opaque enough coverage.

Different Dimension Boaty Call
Two coats
Seafoam green linear holographic
Not the most unique green color but Different Dimension's holo apply really well so this is a winner for me. You can see from the artificial lighting that I use that this is a higher density holo, in the sun, it will be crazy holo. 

Different Dimension Knot On My Watch
Two coats
Brown jelly with holographic micro-flakes
I tend not to wear yellow toned browns so I likely won't be pulling this out too often but if you are going to do a nautical collection, then you must include a brown polish! Two coats for coverage, if you apply thinner coats, you may need a third. 

Different Dimension Nauti Girl
Two coats
Red jelly with gold to green color-shifting shimmer
Yowza! This red on the other hand, I will probably wear quite often. The same shimmer that was in the blue is here again in this fire engine shade of red. Same type of formula, though it has a bit more visible nail line with two coats, but not enough for me to need a third. 

Different Dimension Oh Shell No!
Two coats
Pale champagne colored jelly with pink to gold color-shifting shimmer and holo pigment
Gorgeous neutral and I love the flash of pink you see in the base. This was a bit thicker in formula compared to some of the other jelly polishes, likely because of the extra holo pigment. Two thinner style coats worked out okay for me when I applied. 

Different Dimension Pier Pressure
Three coats
Silver, aqua and sea-foam holographic glitter in a clear base
This was created with the inspiration of broken sea glass in the sand and I love how it turned out! I love a good sparkle and this is definitely filled with holo glitter. Also, the name reminds me of one of my favorite Arrested Development episodes, so bonus. Application wise, it's thicker in formula so I applied three thin coats to make sure I didn't have any patches. You will want to wear a peel off base coat too and if you want a glass smooth finish, double up on your topcoat.  

Different Dimension Resting Beach Face
Two coats
Blue tinted silver linear holographic 
Not quite silver but not quite lavender or blue either. I also see some flashes of pink and purple depending on how you angle your nails in the light. Flawless formula, with just two coats. 

Different Dimension Ship Happens
Three coats
White crelly base with lime green, grass green, and teal blue glitter and golden shimmer
This is specially priced at just $5! If you like white crellies with glitter, how can you resist that price? The coloring fits in well with the theme and formula wise, it's what I would expect from a white crelly, meaning three coats for coverage. 


Different Dimension:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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