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Cirque Colors The Nordstrom x Vans Pop-In Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hey all! I have some new polishes from Cirque Colors for today. These are all part of the Vans "Off the Wall" Pop-In @ Nordstrom. I have really enjoyed reviewing the previous Nordstrom Pop-Ins curated by Olivia Kim but this may be my favorite collaboration yet. 

It took me a while to be a converted Vans follower but for the last few years, I have fallen hard on the Vans train. Their SoCal cool vibe that the brand invokes and the variety of designs, all at a moderate price point, what's not to love? I did think to do a matching nails and shoes photo of my beloved checkerboard Vans but they have been seriously used and abused (lovingly so lol) but nope, better to keep those hidden from sight. Where am I going with this? Well, congrats to Vans for 50 years!  

The Vans "Off the Wall" Pop-In @ Nordstrom will be available on Nordstrom.com from August 5th to September 4th. Don't forget that Nordstrom does free shipping. 

The first three polishes in the post are new exclusives to this collection, each retailing for $13. 
The following six polishes will be available as Duo Kits, priced at $28. 
Each kit includes two full size polishes plus a set of nail stencils, inspired by iconic Vans' sneaker designs. Two of the kits feature currently available Cirque Colors, however the Stripe Kit includes two new exclusive Cirque polishes. 

Cirque Colors Counterculture
Two coat
Sunflower yellow creme
What a sunny shade of yellow! It applies better than expected for a yellow polish, so you will have a streaky first coat but a second coat self levels well and gives you the coverage you want. 

Cirque Colors Shred the Gnar
Two coats
Blackened blue jelly with holographic silver micro-flakes
Hmmm, night sky polishes, they make me happy. This is simple but striking and all-together awesome. Two coats for coverage and a single layer of topcoat to finish off. 

Cirque Colors Wall Ride
Two coats
Ruby red jelly with holographic silver micro-flakes
Well, I think you know what I am going to say....this was my favorite one! Of course. It's a tad more sheer than the previous blue version but still opaque enough with two coats. If visible nail line bother you, a thin third coat will resolve that. 

Stripe Kit:
Includes Big Wave, Skate Date, and set of stripe nail stencils

Both Big Wave and Skate Date applied well considering they are pastel cremes. Cirque is known to me for having consistently good creme formula polishes and these are two new additions to the line. The nail stencils are easy to use though I had a couple of bubbling when I added topcoat, that's more because of the topcoat though, not due to the stencils. 

Cirque Colors Big Wave
Two coats
Baby blue creme

Cirque Colors Skate Date
Two coats
Light bubblegum pink

Hawaiian Kit:
Includes Midnight Cowboy, Rouge Rockefeller, and set of floral nail stencils

Midnight Cowboy and Rouge Rockefeller are more crelly than straight cremes, so while I had opacity with two coats, I did find that they both had a bit of visible nail line still. Both are two great darker colors to wear year around when the mood strikes. The floral nail stencils, I like how the design turned out but they are what I consider intermediate level stencils, maybe not for beginners as they require a bit more care when using to get crisp designs. 

Cirque Colors Midnight Cowboy
Two coats
Dark navy blue crelly 

Cirque Colors Rouge Rockefeller
Two coats
Dark burgundy crelly

Checkerboard Kit:
Includes Carpe Diem, Memento Mori, and set of checkerboard nail stencils

I don't believe I have talked about my love for Memento Mori and Carpe Diem here on my blog and I can't give you a good reason why I haven't! About a year ago, I found out that my favorite black polish was discontinued. Queue the tears. So I tried a few different brands and among them was Cirque's black and white polishes. And they have become my go-to basic color polishes. I vary them now with another brand but I have made a serious dent in these two, especially Memento Mori. 

Carpie Diem is a two coat white, which is good enough for me. I have yet to find a one coat white and honestly, I am not looking for one. Memento Mori can be a one coat wonder type of black, which I do sometimes apply it as for nail art. When I am wearing it by itself, I find that it's better in two coats, to get the crisp application lines you want. If you haven't had the chance to buy either of these two, you should definitely get this kit, with the checkerboard stencils as a bonus. 

Cirque Colors Carpe Diem
Two coats
White creme

Cirque Colors Memento Mori 
Two coats
Black creme

These products are available exclusively for the Nordstrom x Vans Pop-In from Aug 5 to Sep 4 at Nordstrom.com and the following US & Canada locations:

Downtown Seattle
500 Pine St
Seattle, WA 98101

Bellevue Square
100 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004

Michigan Avenue
55 East Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

The Grove
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036

San Francisco Centre
865 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tyson's Corner Center
8075 Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA 22102

NorthPark Center
8687 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75225

Pacific Centre
799 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V7Y 0A2

Free shipping and free returns is always available at Nordstrom.com.


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  2. Lovely swatches as always! Do you know if they are ever going to restock Wall Ride and Shred the Gnar? Those two sold out almost immediately online, and Cirque hasn't answered people's questions about them on their instagram.

    1. Hey! So I asked Annie of Cirque and she stated that they will not be restocked on the Nordstrom site but if you call an individual store, they may have some in stock in store and they can ship to you directly. Remember Nordstrom does free shipping and the phone numbers for the stores are listed above. Hope that helps!


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