Friday, August 12, 2016

GlitterDaze Space Candy Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hello! For this afternoon, I have a new collection from GlitterDaze. The Space Candy Collection is a eight polish set and consist of almost all creme finish polishes plus a handy dandy holographic topper polish. 

Formula notes:
This is the second collection of cremes I have worn from GlitterDaze and just like the Cloud 9 Collection, I really was impressed by the set. The colors themselves are just what I needed right now. I won't ever get tired of bright polishes but in the middle of this hot HOT summer, they are like a gulp of cold lemonade, tart, tasty, and oh so good. Formula wise, they are each opaque enough to be worn with just two coats. I was expecting to need a third coat for a couple of them, like the yellow but they are pretty darn opaque. They do run a bit chalky because of that opacity though, so don't load up your brush with too much polish, thin coats is the key here when you apply and wait a few minutes before you finish off with your go-to topcoat (which is how I have my photos shown as below).

I was curious to see if  Space Confection would be a one coat wonder type of black but it needed two coats for coverage. That's not an issue for me though, I very rarely apply just one coat of polish but I thought I would mention that for those who may be wondering. As for the set, aren't they just begging to be used for some nail art? I have been in a nail art rut for months now so I may just have try something new with this collection soon.

The Space Candy Collection is available now in GlitterDaze's shop!
They retail for $10 each.

GlitterDaze Candy Mars
Two coats
Pale neon lime green creme

GlitterDaze Cosmic Cake
Two coats
Strawberry creme

GlitterDaze Intergalactic Sprinkle
Two coats
Pastel blue creme

GlitterDaze Lunar Cravings
 Two coats
Lilac creme

GlitterDaze Melted Sugar Rays
 Two coats
Bright coral creme

GlitterDaze Solar Glaze
Two coats
Pale neon yellow creme

GlitterDaze Space Confection
Two coats
Black creme

GlitterDaze Spectrasweet
Layered over Space Confection

(Under LED lighting)



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. All of the colors are lovely, but "Space Confection" has stolen my heart. It's so sophisticated and chic, yet a rebel at the same time. Awesome polish.

    1. I agree! A good opaque black is perfect and sometimes just what you need.


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