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Pahlish Out of Oz Collection, August 2016 The Second Task Duo & LE The Boxcar Children: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have one more post for today, this time from Pahlish. I am bundling up the new offerings for August in one massive photo heavy galore of a post. This includes the upcoming Out of Oz Collection (inspired by the Wicked series), as well as the The Second Task August Duo and finally the limited edition charity polish, The Boxcar Children

All of the polishes shown in today's post will be available starting Sunday August 7th at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop and restocked throughout the month

Pahlish Blood and Rubies
Three coats
Wine red jelly with copper, gold, and violet/blue flakes
Tasty! Those violet/blue flakes look iridescent in the jelly base. It's a bit less opaque than the cremes and crellies in this collection, so I did three thin coats for coverage.

Pahlish Dorothy Gale
Two coats
Blue creme with blue and gold flakes and subtle gold shimmer
A beautiful softened shade of blue but it's also quite fresh looking. The flakes and shimmer add just a bit of contrast. Formula was easy peasy, two coats for coverage and it self levels well. 

Pahlish Elphaba Lives!
Two coats
Meadow green creme with green shimmer and teal ultra-chrome flakes
Oh poor Elphaba. So misunderstood and abused. Well, her story will live on and at least we get a nice green polish out of it! This may be slightly more yellow toned than I like in a green polish but I have a feeling that others will love it just for that reason. 

Pahlish Lurline
Two coats
Iris purple scattered holographic with violet/pink flakes 
Not that I needed a new purple holo but this feels a bit softer and I like that it's a scattered holo rather than a linear holo. With it's jelly like formula, you may need two or three coats depending on how much you don't want to have a visible nail line. 

Pahlish Munchkinland
Three coats
Ivory white crelly with copper flakes and copper shimmer
Mmmm copper flakes. Yes, I said that like I was Homer Simpson dreaming of donuts. It's like a warmer orange toned version of Fleur de Sel which is one of my favorite Pahlishes. It has a bit of a thinner consistency formula so I need to apply three coats to get opacity.

Pahlish My Sister's Shoes
Two coats
Silver scattered holographic with blue shimmer 
Metallic silver, be still my heart. You can sparkle away with this on and every so often you will see flashes of blue in the light. 

Pahlish Saint Glinda
Two coats
Smokey violet scattered holographic with violet/pink and red shimmers plus ultra-chrome flakes
Okay, well, that probably was a bit over the top but DAMN this is a gorgeous polish. The flakes peep through the plum colored base and it has a stronger holo effect. 

Pahlish Yellow Brick Road
Two coats
Marigold yellow scattered holographic with metallic silver flakes
Would it be an Oz collection (in any variation) without a yellow? I think not. Pahlish does not disappoint one bit with this stunning golden yellow that is rich in color. 

 Pahlish Ponder This
August The Second Task Duo 
Two coats
Ultramarine blue creme
Even if this was not a color I liked, I would probably get a kick out of the Harry Potter reference. But it 100% is a color I like, no, LOVE. So squishy and so freaking blue. It has a somewhat watery formula so I thought I would need three coats but I was happy that got opaque in just two coats. 

Pahlish Golden Egg
Layered over Pahlish Ponder This
August The Second Task Duo 
Clear based topper of metallic gold and ultra-chrome flakes, blue shimmer plus blue iridescent glitter
Goodness, these two are perfect together. Not that you want to cover up that glorious blue but if you are going to, this is what you want to see. This is one coat over the base, with a light second swab to fill in small gaps. 

Pahlish The Boxcar Children
August Charity LE 
Raspberry red scattered holographic with metallic silver flakes and violet/blue shimmer 
This month, Pahlish has created The Boxcar Children with proceeds going toward Reading is Fundamental. Reading is something that I grew up doing. I honestly can't imagine a world without the impact of the written word, whether you read to learn or to imagine or to escape or whatever you want to get out of a book. So I loved that this is this organization is what Pahlish chose for August. As for the polish itself, well first off, that name was like a hit of nostalgia. And the color itself, it's such a saturated looking berry red color. The holo effect is stronger in person and as for application, two coats for coverage and not a single issue to report. 



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


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