Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hare Polish F/W 2014 Interstellar Invasion Collection

Provided for Review 
Hey guys! Today I get to share with you Hare Polish's newest collection, the Interstellar Invasion Collection. This 4 piece set are all jelly base polishes with Hare's signature color twists. The inspiration comes from 1960's/70's sci-fi pulp art, making for one bold and bright collection. Formula wise, I had no issues, they were not too thick or thin, and I made sure to apply a coat of my trusty Gelous before a final layer of topcoat. I don't believe these are in stock at the moment in Hare's Etsy shop but Llarowe will be releasing them tomorrow, so check their Facebook page for release times. 

PS: I am trying out some new poses, to showcase the polishes in different angles. Let me know what you think!

Hare Polish 11th Dimension Interloper
Three coats
Bright magenta jelly base with charcoal and gold flakes, blue and gold iridescent glitter and blue shimmer. 
Absolutely stunning! Somehow, I went from a picky flake finish person to full on flake love and this is an example why. 

Hare Polish Attack of the Army From Albiorix
Three coats
Dark dark plum purple jelly base with pale pink, neon orange, fuschia, and teal glitter and purple shimmer.
Color contrast at it's best. 

Hare Polish Martian Mutiny
Three coats
Teal jelly base with neon red and magenta glitter and iridescent blue and gold flakes. 

Hare Polish Operation Solar Doom
Three coats
Red/orange jelly base with pale pink glitter, gold and blue iridsecnt flakes and blue shimmer. 
My favorite of them all! The color is such a punchy red/orange and those flakes, man, those flakes...


Hare Polish:


  1. The shades look pretty special :) I like your blog, it's so neat!

  2. These are nice. Loving all the crelly and jelly looking colors.

  3. Operation Solar Doom is my favorite too, the color is AMAZING!

  4. I love Martian Mutiny so much! It's such a pretty combo of colors.


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