Friday, October 3, 2014

Reverie Nail Lacquer Friday

Purchased by Me 
Yay, it's Friday! For your first Friday of October, I have polishes from Reverie Nail Lacquer to share. Many of these are actually part of her spring and summer collections, I just haven't had a chance to show them yet, but better late then never. This was my first time trying out Reverie Nail Lacquer and over all, a very good experience. The colors are fun and stood out to me and the application was great, no problem formula whatsoever. Reverie has released her Fall 2014 collection and those are available in her shop, as well as other previously released collections. 

Reverie Nail Lacquer Daydream
Three coats
Blue jelly base with various pastel glitter and pink and red micro-flake shimmer.
Very pretty and I like the flake shimmer. This was a limited batch though, so it's not available any longer.

Reverie Nail Lacquer Magical Night of Lights 
Three coats
Dark blue jelly base with various holographic micro-glitter.
I can't resist micro-glitter polishes, especially when you put them in a darkly colored base. Very much a sparkly night sky polish. 

Reverie Nail Lacquer Secret Garden
Three coats
Forest green jelly base with gold and various pastel glitter.
Such a unique color combination, I like the play of pastel against the earthy green.

Reverie Nail Lacquer Summer Wine
Three coats
Red jelly base with pink, red, orange, yellow, and iridescent glitter.
Most definitely my favorite of my order, it's so juicy looking!

Reverie Nail Lacquer Wild Wisteria
Two coats
Pale lilac creme with silver shimmer
Light and airy and the shimmer is a nice touch.


Reverie Nail Lacquer:

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