Friday, October 24, 2014

Indigo Bananas Halloween Collection 2014 Part Two

Provided for Review 
Hello hello! Today I will sharing part two of Indigo Bananas 12 polish Halloween 2014 collection, part one is posted here, and the remaining two trios of polish will be reviewed within the next few days. The trio I have today are the glass fleck chrome holographic polishes. The formula for these three are more thick than the previous jelly flake ones, they are just so full of all that awesome pigment. You could get away with just one coat for coverage, my habit is to apply at least two coats of polish, which is what is shown in the photos below. The linear holo flame is more obvious in person, but to me, it's not the focus but an added detailing, the focal point is that chrome shine, hmmm good! 

Indigo Bananas' shop is currently open right now but shipping is on hold until she returns, regular shipping will resume Monday, October 27th. 

Indigo Bananas I Feel Pretty
Two coats
Pink glass fleck chrome holographic 

(direct sunlight) 

Indigo Bananas It's Alive!
Two coats
Pale green glass fleck chrome holographic 

(direct sunlight) 

Indigo Bananas Taffeta, Darling?
Two coats
Lavender glass fleck chrome holographic 

(direct sunlight) 


Indigo Bananas:


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