Monday, October 27, 2014

Indigo Bananas Halloween Collection 2014 Part Three

Provided for Review  
Good afternoon! I have the remaining six polishes from Indigo Bananas Halloween 2014 collection to show you guys, part one's post is here and part two is here. Today the focus will be on the glow-in-the-dark glass fleck glitter trio and the metallic flake trio.  

Let's talk formula. The first three, the glitter heavy polishes, they are opaque in two coats and will dry to a matte finish due to the pigment. I would recommend two coats of topcoat, especially if you like a glassy finish. I don't have glow-in-the-dark photos for Abby Normal, Roll in Ze Hay, and Walk this Way but there are some shown for each polish in Indigo Bananas shop

The three metallic flake polishes are easy to apply and will get you full coverage in two coats, though a third coat will fill in a little gaps of space. Definitely my favorite trio, they are so eye catching! 

Indigo Bananas Abby Normal
Two coats
Lavender to pink to coral flake shimmer.

Indigo Bananas Roll in Ze Hay
Two coats
Blue to purple flake shimmer.

Indigo Bananas Walk this Way
Two coats
Bright blue toned teal flake shimmer.

Indigo Bananas Putting on the Ritz
Two coats
Silver flakes of various sizes in a clear base. 

Indigo Bananas Spark of Life
Two coats
Copper flakes in a clear base.

Indigo Bananas Bridal Veil
Two coats
Silver flakes with holographic pigment in a clear base. 

(direct sunlight)


Indigo Bananas:


  1. Bridal Veil is on my wishlist. It's so stunning!

  2. ils sont très chouettes ces vernis, je recherchais le swach de
    Spark Of Life et voilà je l'ai trouvé, merci à toi, bises


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