Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Enchanted Polish May, June, and July 2014 (with comparisons!)

Provided for Review 
Purchased by Me
Hey everyone! I have a few monthly Enchanted Polishes to show you guys today. I can't help but buy the pre-order ones, even if they are mystery colors, because I really don't want to have regret later in not getting them and missing a color I could potentially love. So far, there has not been August, September, OR October 2014, we will just have to wait and see if and when they are released. Usually I will post my Enchanted Polish swatch photos in a spam post, not really much to review about them at this point, but I decided to do a regular post with these three since I did some comparison pics. 

Enchanted Polish May 2014 
Two coats
Orange holographic 

Enchanted Polish May 2014 and Elevation Polish Aconcagua Comparison
EP May 14 is darker and thicker and is a tad more holographic then Aconcagua but I think I prefer Aconcagua more, it's so much more juicy in it's orange-ness (and jelly based formula). 

Enchanted Polish June 2014
Two coats
Plum purple with flashes of gold
I don't have anything in my collection to compare this to! While I wouldn't say that there is not anything out there that could be similar enough, I couldn't find anything that would pass as a dupe or even close enough to compare to. 

Enchanted Polish July 2014 
Two coats
Cherry red holographic

Enchanted Polish July 2014 and November 2013 Comparison
Well, what do we have here but two very very similar Enchanted red holos. I would say that July is a tad more pink in coloring, almost a jeweled red. And Nov has a more obvious holo flame. Unless you are a collector, or just really love red holos, you probably don't need both. Personally I ended up keeping Nov and purging July, while I do like red holo polishes, I didn't feel the need to keep both. 


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