Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Favorite Polishes of 2014

Happy New Year! YAY it's 2015! 2014, well I think it was a good and bad year, some great things happened but some so so stuff did too. I will be turning 30 in 2015 which is something I am not 100% looking forward to BUT I am determined to make some lifestyle and attitude changes this year,  so here is making 2015 a great one! 

I have been seeing a number of best of 2014 lists and had grand plans regarding a few different posts but with the holiday season busyness and then me getting sick (bronchitis is the WORST) those plans fell by the wayside. What I have instead are some of my favorite polishes that were released in 2014. 

Looking back, this is probably the year that I gave in to the color pink. But my love for cremes, holos and glitters as well as warm and bright colors is a constant. 

Listed in alphabetical order, here are my personal favorites of 2014: 

Chaos & Crocodiles Cupcake Ninja 
Sarey did a wonderful job this year with her Secret Agent Collection and evolving her brand. My favorite Chaos & Crocs polish is this gorgeous pink that she released early in 2014. It's so bright! 

Crows Toes Candies Brains Anyone?
Layered over Sinful Gel Tech Mirror Mirror
Mz Crows does some stunning glitter polishes, like drool-all-over-your-nail stunning. The color combination of this polish from the Halloween A Box, Indied is unique and oh so tasty.

Cupcake Polish America the Beautiful 
This was the year that I discovered Cupcake Polish and I am so glad that I did. Sara has a way of creating beautiful holo polishes that feel fresh and that is no easy task with how many holo polishes are released. This berry holo was her first Sweet Addictions monthly box polish. 

Darling Diva Polish BEWBS!
Yeah it was a no-brainer that Bewbs was going to end up on my best of 2014 list. My favorite holo polish of the year. 

Darling Diva Polish FTS
Another Darling Diva on this year's list because it had to be done. Carrie has come so far in her brand and this was a fucking GREAT year for her. We got to see so many different collections from Darling Diva and I am very excited to see what 2015 is going to bring. 

Different Dimension Thriller 
Diffferent Dimension is another brand that I become more familiar with in 2014 and I happy I got that chance. Thriller is a one of those sleeper hits I feel like. It may go unnoticed compared to her holos and glitters but it's so striking with it's copper and purple color combination. 

Digital Nails Solar Flare
I have seen a few sneaks of what Digital Nails is plotting for 2015 and I can hardly wait! 

Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2
Elevation Polish, well what can I say regarding the brand that I haven't said already? I mean you could look at the past 68 posts on my blog to just see how much I love and believe in this brand and in Lulu. And she has created some of the most beautifully themed collections of polish this year. But my favorite two polishes that she released this year are a creme and crelly. Cerro Torre 2 is the most luscious neutral I have. It's perfect to wear by itself and to use for nail art. 

Elevation Polish Mount McKinley 
Mount McKinley, what a pretty pretty purple. For me, it's the perfect shade of soft purple, bright without going dusky. Dreamy. 

Essie Strut Your Stuff
This is the year that Essie drew me in. Maybe it was that they were releasing more bright colors. It may have also been because my local nail supplier started carrying them but either way, I am keeping them on my radar. The whole Haute in the Heat Summer 2014 Collection was a win, probably my favorite mainstream collection of the year and Strut You Stuff is the perfect blue, bright and bold with just enough white in it. 

Hare Polish The Blooming Desert 
Oh Hare, man Nikole can slay me with each one of her polishes. What she does with her color creativity astounds me each time. The Blooming Desert is just one example. The orange and pink and glints of gold, swoooon. 

Illamasqua Destiny 
I have come to realize that I don't really like green as much as I thought I did. But there are a few exceptions to that and Destiny is one of them. That gold in that green, it's like a punch to the gut. But in a good way! Unfortunately it's harder and harder to get hands on Illamasqua polishes, especially their non US exclusives. 

Indigo Bananas Bridal Veil
Indigo Bananas did some freaking awesome things with polish in 2014. Her entire Halloween collection is an example of that. But the one that drew me in immediately and wouldn't let go was Bridal Veil. That pure silver with the added holo, it requires all the curse words to show your excitement. 

OPI Red Hot Rio
OPI is always reliable and I think they had some great colors this year. I am excited for their 2015 offerings for sure. And while they did a shit ton of red polishes (not all that memorable), my favorite of them all is Red Hot Rio. It's the perfect red, in my humble opinion, and one that I have worn over and over again. 

Orly Ablaze 
Orly can be hit or miss, mostly miss but when they do it well, they can really excite me, like their Summer Baked collection. And yeah, it's a surprise to no one that the one I liked the most is the neon orange with that yummy shimmer. 

Pahlish The Virgin Queen 
Evolving, that may be the actual theme of 2014, as I go through this list, and Pahlish is definitely a brand that evolved this year. So. many. mouth-dropping, drool-worthy Pahlishes were released. We had a number of awesome collections, the continuance of their monthly duos, and their introduction of their Bespoke Batches. The Virgin Queen is crazy beautiful, with it's deep color, holo sparkles, and added flakes. 

piCture pOlish Bridget 
I had some fun with piCture pOlish this year with their Blog/Insta Fest 2014, but the polish that grabbed me the most was Bridget. Not a lot of reasoning except RED and HOLO and yeah, that's about it. 

Scofflaw Atomic Poodle 
Okay one last mention of brand evolution but I have to bring that up when I talk about Scofflaw Nail Varnish. Finch is a maker that takes her skill and creativity and brings it the the next level with each new collection that she releases. I feel like this year, she went more subtle, going less away from glitters (though not entirely) and we got to see some wonderful shimmers and cremes and flakie polishes from Scofflaw. Atomic Poodle is a prime example of that. And it's pink! 


  1. Great picks for your favorites! There gorgeous.

  2. Darling Diva and Pahlish were on FIRE this year!

    1. They seriously were! Can't wait to see their 2015 stuff.

  3. You know what they say about bronchitis....ain't nobody got time for that!

    Yay for all of these but especially Darling Diva/Different Dimension....and how did I miss that Indigo Bananas?

  4. Pink is my favorite nail color category! Beautiful choices :)


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