Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pahlish Brand New Baubles & A Town Called Christmas December 2014 Duo: Swatches and Review

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Hello! I wish I could have been more active these last few weeks but December is a busy month, so my apologies on the lack of posts. I did want to get one more in before the holiday stuff prevents me, which brings us to the absolutely gorgeous holiday Pahlish polishes. The December Duo is unfortunately not for sale any longer but Brand New Baubles is going to be a part of this month's A Box, Indied and that will be available on Dec 26th, so you will have a chance to grab that soon. 

Pahlish Brand New Baubles
Three coats
Dark navy blue jelly base with silver and color shifting blue flakes
January's A Box, Indied Exclusive, available only in Llarowe's shop on Dec 26th
A beautiful blue polish and I like the flake detailing, which Pahlish always does so well. 

Pahlish Quantum Locked Life Form
Two coats
Olive green creme with heavy gold shimmer.
Pahlish's A Town Called Christmas December 2014 Duo
Luscious is the first thing that pops into my mind with a color like this, though that may sound weird.

 Pahlish Hologram Projector
Layered over Quantum Locked Life Form
Clear based topper of blue, berry and gold glitter
Pahlish's A Town Called Christmas December 2014 Duo
Give that festive pop of color to the seasonal green base. 




  1. I am so in love with Quantum Locked Life Form - it's incredible!! I mean, it's green, so I was already going to like it, but this is pretty much my dream color! Green with gold/shifty shimmer?! *dreamy sigh* I had it on my nails as soon as I got it!! Shannon killed it this year - KILLED IT!! She also killed my wallet!! LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Ida!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you! I did have a great Christmas, I hope you did as well! And Shannon killed my wallet more than I want to admit this year too lol.

  2. Thank you for always posting such beautiful manis and pictures; I love coming here for inspiration and to look up swatches. Happy New Year!

    1. Awww well thank YOU for coming by here! And happy new year to you too!


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