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Elevation Polish Darkness Collection and Yeti Was a Shadow 2: Comparisons

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Hello again! As I mentioned in my earlier review of Elevation Polish's Darkness Collection, I have a separate post of comparisons. A few from that collection are reformulated versions from previously released SBPs (or Small Batch Prototype) and the others just had similar enough Elevation's that I thought this would be a helpful post. 

Small Batch Prototypes are just that, prototypes that Lulu (Elevation's creator) has created on small scale. Sometimes Lulu will take a SBP and reformulate it for a full collection release, so it will be similar to it's original SBP but a tweaked better version. In the case of The Kek, I did not do a comparison, primarily because I do not have the original Kekekabic, but also because it's a re-release, not a reformulation, so there will not be any difference between the first SBP version and it's re-released core version. 

Comparison between Darkness of the Arctic 2 and SBP: Darkness of the Arctic
A full swatch photo of Darkness of the Arctic is posted on my blog here.
SBP Darkness has a more sheer, lighter colored brown jelly base and it looks like the flake/shimmer is heavier but that probably more due to the lighter base color. 

Comparison between Hovd @ Dusk and Haleakala
Haleakala is not a SBP but a core polish released in the Jan '14 Heights of Hawaii collection and a full swatch photo can be seen here.
If you place the bottles of Halea and Hovd @ Dusk side by side, they will look very similar but once you have them on your nails you can see that they are quite different shades of purple.
Hovd @ Dusk is darker, a more cool and blue toned purple and is a creme based holo compared to Halea's jelly based holo formula.
Both do have a nice medium density holo flame though. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Comparison between Lost in the Darkness 2 and SBP: Lost in the Darkness
A full swatch photo of SBP: Lost in the Darkness is posted on my blog here.
Lost in the Darkness 2 is obviously a different shade of green then the SBP version and has a higher density holo. It's also has a more opaque formula, I applied two coats for each polish and you can see that the SBP version is a bit sheer compared to Lost in the Darkness 2.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Comparison between Queen of the Night and Hovd Darkness 
Hovd Darkness is not a SBP but a Llarowe Elevation exclusive and a full swatch photo can be seen here
These are probably the closest to each other than any of the others I compared. 
Queen is red in tone compared to Hovd's cooler blue toned purple and it has a better, slightly more opaque formula. Unless you are a HAVE ALL THE PURPLES kinda of person, if you already have Hovd Darkness, you probably don't need Queen of the Night BUT I would still recommend getting it to see which you prefer yourself. 

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Comparison between Yeti Was a Shadow 2 and Yeti Was a Shadow
A full swatch photo of Yeti Was a Shadow is posted on my blog here
The first version of Yeti Was a Shadow (which I will now be calling Yeti Shadow) was not a SBP but a gifted polish that was included in some orders placed from March 2014's 7th of the month restock, more details about that are here. The newer version of Yeti Shadow is more charcoal and less blue in coloring, though they are both cool toned gray polishes. It also has a stronger holo flame than the first version. 

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