Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas (Cremes) Collection: Swatches and Review

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Good morning! Sorry for the silence, after doing over a week or so of double posts, I needed a break. I do have a lot of things to share will you all though, so let' jump back into it! 

For today, I have Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas Collection. I bought these a few months back after seeing a ton of Instagram polish ladies post their watermarble looks. I don't watermarble well (like, AT ALL) so if there are polishes that are known for working well with watermarbling, and they are neon to boot, well of course I must own them. It's been months now though and I haven't had a chance to use them for a watermarble look but I wanted to go ahead and post my review anyway. 

 I do like that this is a color coordinated set, I have 7 polishes that play really well off each other and I have done a number of looks on my IG with them. None of the formula or application for any of these is problematic, but they are on the thin side. This is what may make them work so well if you do use them for watermarbling but I do prefer more opaque polishes. The polish colors are bright and vivid, no doubting that, but they are not unique, colors very similar have been released before and will be released again in the future. 

Okay so are these worth the hype and restock stalking? Well, I say yes but tentatively.  
I like them, quite a bit actually, but I think that polish hype can be a tricky thing. Before I bought this collection, I had my selection of Color Club neons, I used those over and over during the summer months and they still remain my favorite brand for neon polishes. As I mentioned, I have yet to watermarble with these, maybe my opinion will change once I do but I reviewing this collection not because of one particular technique but how they are as a whole. 

So if you have the chance to get the Pipe Dream A Night in Vegas set, I would recommend them. However, I know that not everyone has been able to get them, and you can't, do not stress out! There are alternatives and if you have your heart set of owning this collection, I know that Pipe Dream Polish is hard at work to restock as often as she can, follow her social media (links at the end) to see when her next one will be. 

Pipe Dream Polish 110 Degrees
Three coats
Neon coral orange creme w/ slight orange shimmer.

Pipe Dream Polish All In
Three coats
Bright ocean blue creme with slight blue shimmer

Pipe Dream Polish Happy Hour
Two coats
Turquoise creme with slight gold shimmer

Pipe Dream Polish High Roller
Three coats
Neon green creme 

Pipe Dream Polish Light of Day
Three coats
Neon yellow 

Pipe Dream Polish On the List
Three coats
Hot pink with slight gold shimmer

Pipe Dream Polish V.I.P. Pass
Two coats
Magenta creme with slight purple shimmer.


Pipe Dream Polish 


  1. These look beautiful! Thanks for your honest thoughts on these because I've always seen so much hype around them and I thought that I had similarly colored neons already for some of them. I still think that I might end up purchasing Light of Day and Happy Hour eventually because I do not have any similar to those. I can't wait to see a marble with them!

    1. Thank you! Happy Hour is definitely a favorite of mine from the collection, so I hope you can grab that one soon.


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