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Elevation Polish A Journey Told Through Music Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hello! I have a new collection from Elevation Polish to share with you all today. I am very excited for this month's selection, A Journey Told Through Music Collection consists of six polishes (plus one limited edition Yeti polish), all inspired by songs that are memorable to the Lulu. As someone who can be music obsessive (that itself is an understatement) I enjoy getting a peek into what songs led an Elevation Polish collection. All the polishes shown today will be released during the next Elevation Polish restock, 9 pm CST on January 7th, in her shop

If you would like to listen to the songs that inspired by A Journey Told Through Music Collection, I have a Spotify playlist that you can listen to and I have also linked YouTube videos under each polish. 

Elevation Polish Definition: The Vivid Unknown
Two coats
Dark blue creme with a touch of teal
Inspired by Definition and The Vivid Unknown both by Yo-Yo Ma and Philip Glass
I can never have too many dark blue cremes, especially when Elevation produces one. Formula is dreamy and it has amazing shine. I can see myself reaching for this over and over again.

Elevation Polish Just Like Night Time
Two coats
Navy medium to high density holo with teal and aqua shimmer.
Inspired by Harry Nilsson's Life Line 
Another dark blue but on the other end of the spectrum with it's flashy shimmer and high impact holo flame.

(Direct Sunlight)

I wanted to compare Just Like Night Time against another Elevation blue holo, The Darkest Storm, which is now discontinued. The colors are similar but not entirely the same. The Darkest Storm has a bit more green in the coloring, whereas Just Like Night Time is a deep true navy blue. The Darkest Storm is also more thin formula wise, needing three coats for full opaque coverage compared to Just Like Night Time's two coats. 

Elevation Polish Quarter Past Midnight
Three coats
Blue to purple duo-chrome with glints of red and gold. 
Uh yes please! I never try of duo-chrome polishes, especially when it doesn't require layering to get the full duo-chrome effect. You could layer over black or another dark base and then just apply one coat of Quarter Past Midnight but really, no need to do that. 

Elevation Polish Storm In the Morning Light
Two coats
Mid tone blue gray creme
Inspired by Portishead's Roads
I can be very picky with gray polishes, so much of the time they fall flat to me. But this has enough blue in it to make it feel fresh. It may appear darker on some, depending on your skin tone. And of course, you have that impeccable Elevation creme formula, with that high shine. 

Elevation Polish The Sea was Red
Two coats
Red/orange to gold duo-chrome with high density holo
The kind of polish that makes me go WHAT THE MOTHER FLIPPING IS THIS?! But in a good way! It has my personal favorite kind of duo-chrome shift (red/orange/gold) and is blindingly holographic. The kind of polish that has you holding your hand out in admiration, all. day. long. 

(Direct Sunlight)

If you recall, there was a SBP (small batch prototype) a few months ago called The Red Sea, which was tweaked and revised to now what is now The Sea Was Red. Comparing the two, there is a slight difference in the coloring, The Red Sea has a stronger red/orange color dominance, compared to the more gold dominant The Sea Was Red. But both have super strong holo flames and both have about the same formula opaqueness. 

Elevation Polish Walk a Little Farther
Three coats
Light sky blue creme with blue micro-shimmer. 
This fits that song inspiration perfectly. It's an understated color but it has that effortless, airy quality to it. And I love the pearl-like blue shimmer a whole lot. More on the thick side formula wise but no problems with application. 

This time between Walk a Little Farther and Alphubel, a long discontinued Elevation. And while Alphubel remains dear to me, Walk a Little Farther is a better version, it's lighter and more opaque, though the shimmer is more prominent in Alphubel. 

Elevation Polish Yeti Hugs: Feel so Close
Three coats
Off white creme/jelly with blue, pink, and purple micro-flake shimmer. 
I would love to receive a Yeti Hug, just putting that out there. But I will take this polish instead, a wonderful light palette cleanser off white with the flake shimmer to give it some detailing. As with past Yeti polishes, Yeti Hugs is a limited edition polish, available only during the month of January. 


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  1. Some great colors especially those cremes and holos.

  2. I've never tried Elevation Polish but I'm very tempted to do so now; these are gorgeous!

    1. I hope you will, I could go on and on bout this brand but I will let the photos speak for themselves.


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