Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nubar Duochromes

No glitter? WHAT? Oh that's alright, I have some very cool duochromes to show today, all from Nubar. I tried my best to capture the color shift in each of these but I wasn't as successful as I would have liked to be, so that means find a bottle and see them for yourself! I wore all of these solo with three coats each. The formula is a bit watery but otherwise non-problematic. 

Nubar Stardust
Color shifts from gold to pink

Nubar Iris Dust
Color shift from a pinky purple to gold

Nubar Moon Shadow
Color shift from berry purple to brown to bronze. 
The color shift on this one is a little more subtle than the other three polishes. 

 Nubar Sun Gold
Color shift from orange to red. 
My favorite of the bunch, this one just glows and is just......hrmmmm....excuse me for a sec. 

I purchased mine from a reliable ebay source here but they are also available on

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  1. Pretty duochromes! I don't have much of these in my collection but there nice :)


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