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Elevation Polish Street Graffiti Collection + When the Cherry Met the Spoon: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hello everyone! I have a Elevation Polish's Street Graffiti Collection for you today, their new collection release for June, as well as When the Cherry Met the Spoon, a non-collection core polish. This collection has polishes with various finishes and colors, all inspired by the urban street graffiti vibe of various major metropolises. As I expect from Elevation Polish, awesome formula and application, though I did include specific formula notes under the polish's descriptions. 

The Streets Graffiti Collection Collection (as well as When the Cherry Met the Spoon) will be released June 7th at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop.

 Elevation Polish LA
Three coats
White creme/jelly with soft silver pearl shimmer
This is more of a jelly than creme consistency polish. I got away with three coats, though I did apply thick coats and waited a bit between applying them. You may end up needing four it you apply thin coats or don't wear a base coat. If you don't want to deal with applying four, you could start out with a nice ridge filler base coat and that will help.
With all of that stated, you will be thinking, do I want this polish? I would say yes and here is why I like it. White polishes are tricky, they are known to be streaky and I have yet to meet one that you didn't need a minimum of two coats. While LA won't be replacing my regular white creme, I will wear this when I want an alternative to a stark white creme. The softness of the crelly consistency is awesome and I love the slight silver shimmer. I definitely will be reaching for this polish when I want to use it as a base for nail art or when I need a palette cleanser. Oh and for those who are fans of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu (aka the five coat white jelly), LA is a FAR better polish.

Elevation Polish East London
Layered over Elevation Polish LA
Clear base topper of various ultra chrome flakies and holographic pigment
Chrome flakies, they are tasty aren't they? And I feel like this is a nice way to wear them, with just enough holo to accent and over a light base. And one coat will get you nice full coverage over a base color. You could try to build coats to wear it by itself but I feel you lose the impact of the chrome flakes that way.

Elevation Polish Melbourne
Two coats
Medium blue creme with gold, green, blue, and silver micro shimmer, and added holo pigment
A beautiful color, it has a denim blue look to it. Nice creamy formula consistency and just a dash of holo to give it some sparkle in low and direct sunlight. 

Elevation Polish NYC
Two coats
Black creme/jelly with silver shimmer, dries to a matte/rubber finish.
This is without a doubt, my favorite polish from this collection. I love everything about it, the slick black color, the subtle silver shimmer, the easy application, and the matte finish most of all. Like LA, I can see myself using NYC as a blank slate for various nail art but also wearing it just as is. Which I have done already since receiving it. It takes a little bit for it to dry if you choose to wear it without topcoat, I think about 10 to 15 minutes or so. But if it was a quick dry matte, it would be much harder (and thicker) to work with, I prefer easy formula over super quick dry time. 

(With Topcoat)

Elevation Polish Paris
Two coats
Prune purple linear holographic of medium density
My oh my, I practically drooled all over myself with this polish. I never thought I would lust after anything with "prune" in the description but there you go. The blackened purple comes alive in direct light, so I do recommend wearing this when you get some sun if possible. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Elevation Polish When the Cherry Met the Spoon
Two coats
Berry red with sparse holographic pigment, ultra chrome flakes, charcoal flake shimmer
This is a reformulated version of the previously released SBP When the Cherry Met the Spoon. I loved the original a whole lot so I was excited to see a new non-limited edition release of this. It's juicy and the holo sparkle is awesome in all types of lighting. 

I have a bottle of the original SBP: When Cherry Met the Spoon and while I don't think this is a good photo of it (my lighting was off that day), I wanted to include it to show you the small differences. The base color is a little more purple toned and has a heavier holo shimmer. This new version is a more red toned berry shade and while it has a lot shimmer and holo, it has a more jelly consistency. As with previous prototype turned into full releases, you may not need both if you have the original SBP version but I know that there are many EVP customers that missed the SBP who would be happy to see this release.


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  1. Uhm, yeah. I kinda need.. all of these?! Damn it Ida, my wallet :D! I really need to give Elevation Polish a go soon.

  2. I'm so excited for When the Cherry Met the Spoon!!! Lovely swatches!

  3. I saw your gorgeous swatch to Melbourne and thought 'Come to momma!' but then... I saw NYC... whooaaaa!
    My favourite for sure!!

  4. NYC is HOT! I love the finish it has. I really like the white too, shame about it needing extra coats, but I guess it would have that beautiful shimmer if it were thicker. I love white's that are not stark white. Beautiful swatches too!

  5. I really loved LA actually! I don't think I would mind the amount of coats, it has that gorgeous squishy feel and it makes a great palate cleanser like you said. I'm DYING over NYC though, that is one simply spectacular!! Especially with top coat!

  6. Hmm, LA looks like it would make a beautiful translucent base for a wedding manicure. Love Melbourne, that rich resonant denim just sings! Must have When the Cherry Met the Spoon for the name alone....

  7. Yes most definitely! Though I didn't like typing it, When the Cherry Met the Spoon is a magical name.

  8. Thanks Emily! I don't mind that many coats either, especially when the end result is this.

  9. haha, thank you! I am happy you like them!

  10. Thanks! It's a stunner for sure

  11. LOL sorrynotsorry. I hope you do! They are awesome.

  12. Your swatches cause my wallet so much pain! :D What is your regular white cream (mentioned in the LA review)? Thanks


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