Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Illyrian Polish The Eerie Woodlands Collection Part Two (Partial) + Moonage Dream Duo: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hey all! I have some polishes from Illyrian Polish to share today. A few of these were a part of her last collection, the Eerie Woodlands Collection, the remaing are her Moonage Dream Duo that was released as a limited edition set in April and finally, Stellar, which was initially released with her debut launch. 

I love the dark and moody feel of these. While I do favor and seek out the bold brights that are being released for summer, these are palette cleanser on those days where I just don't feel like wearing a neon or bright polish. Application was easy, I needed no more than two coats for most of the polishes and had no issues whatsoever. 

Illyrian Polish will be releasing her upcoming Sea Monster Collection this Friday, May 29th at 6 pm CST in her shop. You can see some swatch photos of those on her Instagram page. I am uncertain if the polishes shown today will be restocked but refer to her Instagram as well as her Facebook page for more restock/release information. 

Illyrian Polish Malevolent
Two coats
Dark blue jelly with silver mico-holo glitter, blue/violet color-shifting and green iridescent flakes
There are a number of Malevolent named polishes that have been released by various makers and while they look nice, they never quite live up to their namesake. This totally does! 

Illyrian Polish Necromancer
Two coats
Dark blue creme with a strong turquoise shimmer
That heavy shimmer is simply delicious against the blue and is visible even in low lighting.

Illyrian Polish Night Crawler
Two coats
Blackened berry purple linear holo with bright pink holo glitters
Very much a WOW kind of polish and something that would draw the purple polish lovers. I like the glints of pink in the base.

Illyrian Polish Moonage Daydream
Two coats
Part of the Moonage Dream Duo and LE
Dark silver holo base with sterling silver flakes and pink, green, blue, & purple shimmer
It has an antiqued look to it, leaning almost to a pewter silver.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Illyrian Polish Pink Monkey Bird
Two coats
Part of the Moonage Dream Duo and LE
Lavender toned pink crelly with violet shimmer
Soft and subtle and oh so dreamy

Illyrian Polish Stellar
Layered over Illyrian Polish Malevolent
Clear base with holo micro-glitter and holo shimmer
I love this glitter topper, it's got just the right amount of holo to accent any type of base without overshadowing it. 


Illyrian Polish:


  1. These look good! I like Illyrian Polish Moonage Daydream a lot.

  2. Have I ever told you you are one of my nail crushes? I just adore all the beautiful swatches you do ♥.

  3. *heart swells* Thank you my dear!


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