Friday, May 22, 2015

Hare Polish Stir Crazy Spring 2015 Collection + Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hello! I have Hare Polish's newest collection to share with you. The Stir Crazy Collection is a Spring 2015 release, consisting of five polishes, all crelly bases with flakes and glitter. 

The formula for these five are on the sheer side, I needed no less than three coats for full coverage for each of the polishes. I would have liked for them to be more opaque but I totally get why they are somewhat sheer, you have to find the just right opacity for those flakes and shimmer to shine through without becoming lost in the base color. You could easily layer these if you like but I prefer to build to opacity instead, I like like the squishy look that a crelly has. 

These polishes though, they are worth the patience. I am always surprised as well as blown away by what Hare comes up with. Born to Roam is my favorite of the set but then I have yet to meet a mint green that I didn't need.

Hare Polish Born to Roam
Three coats
Soft mint green crelly with metallic silver flakies, gold flakies & gold shimmer

Hare Polish Cabin Fever Frenzy
Three coats
Green leaning teal jelly with  bronze, gold, green, & blue chrome flakies and blue mini flakies

Hare Polish Desperately Seeking Blue Skies
Three coats
Dusty robin's egg blue with  pink, purple, blue & green chrome flakies, golden iridescent glitter & shimmer

Hare Polish On the Road Again
Three coats
Light, dusty mauve jelly with gold, green, bronze, & red chrome flakies plus purple/blue iridescent glitter, pastel hex glitters and gold shimmer

Hare Polish The Wanderer
Three coats
Royal purple jelly with gold, bronze, purple, pink, blue, & teal chrome flakies and gold flakies, iridescent glitter & shimmer

Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0 
Three coats
Davy blue with copper square & hex glitter and dash of copper flakies and shimmer
I have lots of nostalgic feelings for the original as not only was it my first Hare Polish but it was my first indie polish, purchased way back in August 2011. This updated version is pretty damn awesome, lots of glitter so make sure to double topcoat it. 

Here is a comparison between the original Archipelago and Archipelago 2.0


Hare Polish:


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