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Elevation Polish The Streets of Japan Collection + Baby Yeti and Stay Behind Catch a Wave 2

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Hey guys! I have one more collection to share with this week and it's from Elevation Polish. The collection release for the month of May is named The Streets of Japan inspired by time and travels in Japan. There are so many awesome polishes in this collection! They are each so different from each other but looking at them together they have a very cohesive look to them. Since they are each different formula wise, I will mention any special notations underneath the polish descriptions. 

Another addition to May's Elevation Polish line up is a polish named Yeti's Healing Vibes, created to help with earthquake recovery and relief in Nepal. To read more about Lulu and the Elevation Team's personal ties and involvement, click here for her recent blog post about that. Almost all the sale proceeds of Yeti's Healing Vibes will be going to the American Himalayan Foundation and the polish itself will be available until May 27th. 

The Streets of Japan Collection Collection (as well as Baby Yeti and Stay Behind Catch a Wave 2) will be released May 7th at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop.

Elevation Polish Hama Rikyu Gardens
Two coats
Concrete gray creme with silver pearl shimmer and added holographic pigment.
It looks like street sidewalks after a nice rain, the droplets sparkling in the light. This will dry to a matte finish which I quite like though I think I prefer how it looks with the added topcoat. 

Elevation Polish Hama Rikyu Gardens
(WITH topcoat)

Elevation Polish Hitsujiyama Park 
Three coats
Pale orchid pink creme/jelly with light pink shimmer and added holographic pigment
Such a delicate color, with just enough purple in it. I love how the holo pigment gives it that extra sparkle shimmer. For coverage you would probably be okay with just two coats but I ended up applying three just to be safe. 

Elevation Polish Icho Namiki 
Three coats
Neon yellow creme/jelly with charcoal to blue shifting flake shimmer.
WHOA. Major intensity with this one. This is glow in the dark and UV reactive so it could surprise you at night while wearing it. I meant to take a photo under my black light but it slipped my mind entirely, check back to this post, I will add an updated photo of that. The formula for this is on the thick side so take a little care with application. I applied three coats for complete coverage, as with Hitsujiyama Park, you may be okay with just two.

Elevation Polish Shinjuku Golden Gai 
Two coats
Blood orange pink with a blue/violet to pink shimmer. 
YOU GUYS. I love this polish. So much. I ended up wearing this post swatching because I just had to. The color is everything. The shimmer is definitely visible, especially in daylight. Perfect application as well. 

Glitter Sheep for Elevation Polish Evening Walk in the Cherry Blossoms
Layered over Hitsujiyama Park 
Slightly tinted blue base with holo blue and purple micro-glitter, iridescent shimmer and glitter and fuchsia stars and daisy glitter.
This is a special edition polish that will be available for a small run, likely around 3 months or so and it is actually the brainchild of Glitter Sheep, a friend of Lulu's who frankens polish. Glitter Sheep has a way with glitter and colors and as someone who has been able to receive polish from her in the past I am so happy to see one of her creations available for everyone! 
Shown below is one coat over Hitsujiyama Park. The daisies and stars are easy to get onto the brush to apply and if you don't like the daisies or stars you can easily swipe them back into the bottle.

Elevation Polish Baby Yeti
Two coats
Gray creme/jelly base with silver shimmer, holo and thermal pigment and a whole bunch of various glitter. 
Baby Yeti polish has 70+ ingredients in it! Chaos reigns when Baby Yeti has a tantrum, so that is the inspiration behind this polish. I would recommend applying two coats of topcoat for a smooth finish. As with previous Yeti polishes, this will be a limited edition polish available only for the month of May.

Elevation Polish Stay Behind Catch a Wave 2 
Layered over Wet n Wild 2% Milk
Clear base with teal and blue circle, green to gold iridescent and white circle glitter.
Originally released back in 2012 in the 180 Degrees South Collection, this was discontinued a while back to ingredients no longer being available. 
IT HAS RETURNED! *insert triumphant trumpet noises here* 
Same formula, just available again. Due to the glitter used in this, the clear base with tint slightly over time. Here are two looks for you, the first over a neutral off white and the second (which is my original bottle of Stay Behind) over a bold blue. 

Elevation Polish Stay Behind Catch a Wave (original 2012 release)
Layered over Polish My Life Springtime Blues


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