Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pahlish Happy Holo-Ween III Collection & Fall Festival October 2016 Duo : Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Helllllo. I hope you are ready for this month's new Pahlish because that's what I have to share today! Following the tradition for the last couple of years, here is the Happy Holo-ween Collection III, a set of six Halloween inspired holographic polishes. 

There is not a charity polish this month, though there is a duo, the Fall Festival Duo, which I have reviewed toward the end of the post. Both the Happy Holo-ween Collection III plus the Fall Festival Duo will be released this week, Sunday October 9th at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop. The previously released Happy Holo-ween Collections from 2015 and 2014 will also be available in limited quantities. 

Pahlish Black Cat, Pointed Hat 
Two coats
Purple jelly with holographic and purple/pink flakes plus green shimmer
A deep and rich purple with flakes as the dominating feature. Two coats for coverage, not much more to say about formula except for how easy it applies. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Pahlish Blue Raspberry Banshee
Two coats
Blue raspberry linear holographic with blue and purple micro-flakes
This is such a bright and pretty blue, I want to just dive in. It has a metallic look to it which I love. Coverage is great, two coats and that's all you need. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Pahlish Candy Corn on the Cob
Three coats 
Orange jelly with metallic pink shimmer and holographic flakes
A very juicy looking orange shade, and rather than a linear holographic pigment, the flakes here are the star. This is slightly less opaque, so three coats was best. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Pahlish Ghost of Granny Smith
Two coats
Apple green linear holographic with green and gold shimmer
Like the perfect shiny green apple with a healthy dusting of golden shimmer. Formula, slightly thicker but that's just me making a critique for the sake of having a critique. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Pahlish Salted Licorice Snakes
Three coats
Charcoal scattered holographic with teal-pink duo-chrome shimmer
A understated color but with the addition of that beautiful contrasting shimmer, quite stunning. The shimmer is more visible in person though, somehow it doesn't shine through in my photos. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Pahlish Strawberry Moon
Two coats
Violet-red scattered holographic jelly with pink and purple flakes
This one though, it's a slap-you-in-the-face gorgeous and definitely my favorite of the set. The holographic effect is scattered instead of a pure linear flame and I think that adds to the glowy quality. This is a very opaque color, barely need two coats for coverage. 

(Under LED Lighting)

Fall Festival October 2016 Duo

Pahlish Scarves & Sweaters 
Two coats
Mahogany red/brown jelly
A sophisticated and oh so luscious brown/red jelly. It does have a good amount of shine, with topcoat, you see all sorts of shiny glare. The formula is great, no surprise here, I have it shown with two coats and in hindsight, under direct lighting, a third may have been needed but still, opaque enough. 

Pahlish Crunchy Leaves
Layered over Scarves & Sweaters 
Clear topper with red/purple/pink/copper/gold flakes plus subtle green shimmer and iridescent green glitter
Flakes and flakes galore, and when paired up with that base, they suit each other to perfection. Good amount of coverage, this is one generous coat over Scarves & Sweaters. 



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


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