Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Illamasqua Destiny and Facet

Hey guys! I have a couple of Illamasqua polishes to share with you all today. Destiny was a Australian exclusive to created to mark Chinese New Year 2014 and can be purchased on Myer's website but you must be reside in Australia to receive it. Facet was not an exclusive polish, but it did not make to many US counters at the time of it's release, though you can purchase it now directly from Illamasqua and Bloomingdale's.

Illamasqua Destiny
Two coats
Forest green jelly base with gold and lime glitter
This has such a major wow factor to it. It's simple in concept but so striking. 
I was on the look out for months for this polish and got lucky by just happening to see it at just the right time in someone's Store Envy shop. 

Illamasqua Facet
Two coats
Dark taupe creme with fine gold shimmer. 
This is more subtle compared to Destiny and a color that I didn't anticipate liking as much as I do. But it intrigued me, so I was very happy to be gifted it by a friend. The gold shimmer is not at all hidden and adds warmth to neutral base. 


  1. Both are pretty. I like Facet a lot.

  2. Both of these are on my wish list. Gorgeous!

  3. I have both of these (thankfully) and they are da bomb! So pretty on you!

  4. Facet has been on my wishlist since I first saw it, but I haven't gotten around to purchasing yet. It looks particularly gorgeous on you!! Destiny is amazing, but SO expensive to get over here! ;_; Hopefully it will manage to find its way to me someday!! :D


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