Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cirque Nail Polish Lacquer Alter Ego and XX

Hello! I have a couple of Cirque nail polishes to share today. There is a local boutique here in Austin that carries a selection of Cirque so while out with friends one day I picked these up. They are the my first Cirque polishes and I did end up quite liking them. The packaging is very nice and somewhat luxe and formula wise, they are great. 

Cirque Alter Ego
Two coats
Black holographic 
Deep and dark and most definitely black, which I appreciate. With black holo polishes, there is a risk of the color going a little gray or charcoal but this is a rich black. The holo is linear but not super bold. 

Cirque XX
Layered over Elevation Polish Mountain Mint
Clear based topper of holographic glitter in a rainbow of colors
I love rainbow glitter polishes, so of course I was drawn to this. I especially like that the glitter looks almost pastel in coloring. 

Cirque Nail Polish Lacquer can be purchased directly from their shop as well as through their stockists. Updates can be found on their Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram

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