Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Contrary Polish Wednesday

Good morning! I purchased a handful of Contrary Polishes a while back and wanted to share them with you all. A few of these were ones I already had (and posted) but I ended up swatching them again alongside the new colors. Contrary Polish is known to create some pretty darn awesome shimmers and these lived up to that expectation. Formula wise, a couple were a tad thick but nothing difficult to work with, the others were easy application with three coats. And with each one, the shimmer is loud and proud, no hidden shimmer here. 

Contrary Polish Blood Orange
Three coats
Blood orange red jelly with gold shimmer

Contrary Polish Creeping Moss
Three coats
Olive brown creme with copper shimmer

Contrary Polish Desert Fruit
Three coats
Deep purple that leans red and red and bronze shimmer
The Contrary Polish that caught my eye way back then and to this day makes me go mmmmmm.

Contrary Polish Firebrand
Three coats
Dark muted red jelly with red and pink shimmer

Contrary Polish Gift Wrap
Three coats
Dusky purple creme/jelly with bright blue shimmer
Released to commemorate Contrary's one year anniversary.

Contrary Polish River Market
Three coats
Dark red toned purple jelly with berry red micro-glitter
It's hard to pick a favorite but this one is probably it. Purple and red color combinations is a weakness of mine and this is executed perfectly.

Contrary Polish The Boulevard
Three coats
Dark blue/gray jelly with orange shimmer. 
LOVE the contrast of the orange against that dark navy/gray base.

Contrary Polishes can be purchased from her stockists listed on this page. She also does mini bottle orders on Friday and that information is listed here. Updates can be found on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter

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