Friday, September 12, 2014

Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa and Metamorphose

Happy Friday y'all! I have two newer Hare Polishes to share with you today. Not much introduction needed, so we can jump right in. But before we do......

Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa
Part of the Hare Polish Jackalope series
Two coats
Neon pink jelly base with neon pink glitter, gold flakes, and purple iridescent glitter and shimmer.
Like many other girls who grew up in the '90's, I will admit that there was a time that I was majorly obsessed with Lisa Frank. Yes, I had the binder keeper, the pens, the stationary set, and yes, I had a whole heck of a lot of Lisa Frank stickers. Sadly, my obsession burned out quickly and for a long time, anything pink was looked at as GROSS. I am happy to say that my distaste for pink has shifted to a cautious liking of the color. And as always, when Hare creates a pink polish, I don't just like pink, I LOVE it. 
This will be restocked soon and I am sure will also be stocked with Hare's stockists

Hare Polish Metamorphose
Two coats
Dusky teal jelly base with gold flakes, pale pink satin and iridescent glitter and shimmer. 
The darker teal and the pale pink compliment each other so well here. 
Sadly I wish this was available for purchase but it was an exclusive to September's A Box, Indied so it is not at this time. Sometimes Llarowe will keep some boxes held back (in case of lost packages) so there have been boxes become available, keep an eye on Llarowe's Facebook page for updates. 

Hare Polish:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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