Thursday, September 18, 2014

Different Dimension Spooky Spooky Halloween 2014 Collection

Hey guys! I have a new collection from Different Dimension to share with you. This is the Spooky Spooky Halloween collection and it will go on sale September 26th in Different Dimension's Etsy shop. I flat out adored this collection, it had a number of polishes in my favorite colors (orange and purple), all in different finishes. Look out for another somethin' somethin' from Different Dimension on my blog tomorrow. 

Different Dimension Thriller
Three coats
Dark purple jelly base with copper and purple shimmer.
The base is a bit sheer but buildable and that shimmer is just outstanding. 

Different Dimension Dragula
Two coats
Orange jelly base with black and orange holo glitter. 
I luuurve this one. It's very striking with two tone color of black and orange. It dries down to a textured effect but a couple of coat of topcoat will give it some shine and bring the holo glints out. 

(with topcoat)

Different Dimension Ghostbusters
Three coats
Pale neon orange creme/jelly with gold iridescent glitter. 
AHHH! I love this! The shimmer, the orange-ness, the reference. Just wonderful. 
ALSO, it glows in the dark. Pic below.

(under black light)

Different Dimension Monster Mash
Layered over Different Dimension Thriller
Clear base with orange, black and white glitter with holo shimmer.
Gorgeous! Pretty much perfect for Halloween. I especially like how it looks over Thriller, the orange is a nice contrast against the dark purple. 

Different Dimension Werewolves of London
Two coats
Orange jelly base holographic
A Halloween collection would not be complete without a pumpkin orange polish. It's got a nice holo flame as well. 

(under artificial light)


Different Dimension:

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Great colors for Halloween! Really like the orange at the end.

  2. Very pretty collection! Ghostbusters is my favorite!


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