Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crows Toes Candied Brains Anyone? from October's A Box, Indied

 Hey guys! Today I have a new polish from Crows Toes called Candied Brains Anyone? This polish is an exclusive of October's A Box, Indied that is sold through Llarowe. Considering the box is meant for October, it's no surprise that the theme has to do with Halloween. I love how brightly colored this particular polish is and I can't wait to see what the other makers will be contributing. 

Crows Toes Candied Brains Anyone?
Layered over Nina Ultra Pro Cobalt
Clear based topper of green, blue, orange, gold, and pink glitter.
BRAINNNNNNS. The couple of times I have actually had brains (animal not human!) I didn't totally like them but if there were candy brains, that would be another story. 
This Crows Toes polish is just stunning in real life. The jewel toned colors are so pretty layered over all sorts of bases colors. I decided to apply it over a cobalt blue and a oxblood red to bring out the blue and orange glitter more. No problem with application, though I do recommend two layers of topcoat (or a layer of Gelous and then topcoat which is my method). 

(with matte topcoat)

Crows Toes Candied Brains Anyone?
Layered over Sinful Gel Tech Mirror Mirror

Crows Toes Candied Brains Anyone? will only be available by purchasing October's A Box, Indied from Llarowe and will be available on September 26th. Make sure to follow Crows Toes on Facebook and Instagram for updates, as well as Llarowe on Facebook

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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