Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pahlish Fall 2014 Royal Reverie Collection

Hey guys! I have Pahlish's newest collection today, this is their Fall 2014 Royal Reverie Collection. It is available right now in their shop, if there is anything sold out, it should be restocked this Friday, along with any new Bespoke Batches that will be revealed later in the week. 

Pahlish An Caisteal Ruadh
Two coats
Oxblood jelly base with gold and silver micro-flakes and copper shimmer
In hindsight, I should have done three coats BUT this is just as nice. Fantastic vampy red!

Pahlish Gilded Greenwich
Two coats
Dark charcoal gray creme with gold shimmer and micro-flakes.
The only one I was hesitant on but of course, my hesitation flew out the door upon seeing it person. The gold in the dark gray gives it a olive coloring. 

Pahlish Hatfield House
Two coats
Blackened ever-green teal jelly with red micro-flakes and shimmer.
Dark and oh so broody. The shimmer prevents it from being one of those so-dark-it's-basically-black colors. 

Pahlish La Dernière Reine
Three coats
Cream colored creme base with copper micro-flakes and neon purple and taupe shimmer.
Wonderful! The shimmer is all sorts of good in that creamy base.

Pahlish La Royale
Three coats
Blue leaning teal jelly with gold shimmer.
The gold stands out so boldly against the teal and is there is just so much of it, it's perfection. I feel like this one could have some staining, I noticed a tint left behind while swatching, so make sure to apply a good base coat or ridge-builder. It's just something that comes along with having such a rich blue/teal base color. 

Pahlish Le Bijou du Roi
Three coats
Cobalt blue jelly with copper micro-flakes.
I could go on and on with multiple enthusiastic compliments with this but really? You already know. 

(insert drool)

Pahlish Reinette 
Two coats
Blackened plum jelly with copper micro-flakes.
These copper flakes! I officially declare myself copper flakes obsessed. 

Pahlish The Virgin Queen
Two coats
Dark burgundy jelly with copper micro-flakes and scattered holo pigment.
*dies silently from too much awesome, yes this is my favorite, can you tell?*

(direct sunlight)



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. I like The Virgin Queen a lot! It's a gorgeous color.

    1. Thank you Melissa! I agree, it's such a great color.

  2. Pahlish - La Derniere Reine est superbe ♥


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