Friday, September 26, 2014

Digital Nails Friday Part Deux

Hello! How about some Digital Nails polishes to end your work week with? These four are some of her more recent releases, all part of her Scientist Puns series. I love reading Rapahelle's polish descriptions, and this time was no different, each polish is inspired by a special scientist, and she goes into detail in her listings, so check those out. The Digital Nails Etsy shop is in vacation mode at the moment but they should be reopening in October, I recommend clicking the alert to be notified by Etsy when they re-open, and to have your wishlists ready to go!

Digital Nails Faraday-Glo
Two coats
Electric coral creme with blue sparks.
Bold and bright and those blue sparks add an extra oomph to the base color. 

Digital Nails Curie-ouser and Curiouser
Layered over Faraday-Glo
Clear based with white, black, and teal to purple color-shifting glitter, and purple micro-flake shimmer.
While I do love black and white glitter topper polishes, I don't buy all the renditions out there, not each one has unique detailing. This one though, it's got that gorgeous shimmer and flakes and I really like that the glitter is on the smaller size. 

Digital Nails Real-Life Mad Scientist
Three coats
Thermal polish that is ice blue and goes cobalt blue when cold. 
I am selective with thermal finish polishes and this one was too awesome to pass up. I can't wait to try this out in the winter, that cobalt will be prominent during that season for sure. 

Digital Nails Theory of Everything
Layered over American Apparel Hassid
Clear base with a rainbow of glitter.
So. Much. GLITTER. A batch of this will have over 250 different glitter! 
Fun and full of sparkle, just how I like my polish. 


Digital Nails:


  1. These are gorgeous! Especially those glitters.

  2. Obsessed with Faraday-glo!! These polishes are so nice though, of course your swatches are so great!! :)


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