Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lilacquer Antimatter of Opinion and Roo-bee Rhod!

Good afternoon! Another busy workday for me, so this is short and sweet post for you guys. 

Lilacquer Antimatter of Opinion
Two coats layered over black 
Color shifting glitter at it's finest. It reminds me of fish scales, and while that doesn't inspire a glamorous visual, I think that this look is stunning.

Lilacquer Roo-bee Rhod! 
Two coats
I am a sucker for orange toned multichrome polishes. A little bit of a frosty finish but no less pretty. 

Lilacquer polishes can be purchased here and here though the shops have not been stocked in some time. Hopefully they will retsock sometime in the future. Check their Facebook page for updates.


  1. I have both of these colors! There so pretty :)

  2. I love the first one :) Every time I see Roo-bee Rhod! I think of Scooby Doo lol

  3. Wow that orange is just gorgeous!

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  5. Ida, your nails are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks lady! It's mostly the polish ya know :D


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