Monday, July 1, 2013

Chaos & Crocodiles Evening Flurries, Fireside Nights, Ferris Wheel at Dusk, and Rawr!

Hey all! I hope everyone is having a good day so far. I have a quartet of Chaos & Crocodiles polishes to share today. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Evening Flurries
Two coats
I bought this with the intention of comparing it to Nail Venturous Flying Blue Jay and while they aren't exactly the same, they are pretty dang close to each other.  I was worried about making a dent in my bottle of Flying Blue Jay so this was a really nice buy. The formula for Evening Flurries is actually better, full coverage in less coats and more white glitter. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Fireside Nights
Two coats layered over Verity Deep Violet
Such an awesome circle glitter polish! Fireside Nights is what drew me to Chaos & Crocs and I am glad I was able to grab this one. 

Chaos & Crocodiles Ferris Wheel at Dusk
Two coats
So effing pretty, I almost can't stand it. I really was impressed formula wise with this one. Sometimes jelly polishes with those big glitter pieces can sink a bit or require fishing but I had no such problem with application.

Chaos & Crocodiles Rawr!
Two coats
RAWR indeed! Who wouldn't want to roar like a dinosaur with this on. All the green glitter you could think of in one bottle? Done! And as with the other polishes, easy peasy application. 

Chaos & Crocodiles polishes can be purchased in her shop and updates can be found on her Facebook page and blog


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