Thursday, July 25, 2013

Elevation Polish & Crows Toes Too F*%#ing Hot & Too F*%#ing Cold Duo

To say that I was excited when I learned that Elevation Polish and Crows Toes were collaborating is an understatement. Two of my favorite indie brands collaborating? SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! And I could not be happier with the results. 

Too F*%#ing Hot is a beautiful wine red with black and red flakies and Too F*%#ing Cold is ice blue glitter bomb waiting to happen. And layered together, well, that's when the magic happens. This was a LE duo that was available in Elevation Polish's shop and has sold out there. It was also available in limited quantities at Llarowe and Overall Beauty and at this time, it does look like there is some in stock left in each store. Grab them before they sell out!

 Too F*%#ing Hot

Too F*%#ing Cold

Too F*%#ing Cold 
Layered over black


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