Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gradient All The Nails!

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Hi everyone! I have something different for you guys today. I am part of a small group of nail bloggers on Facebook. We support each other's blogs and on monthly occasion, will do a themed group challenge. I wasn't able to participate in last month's theme of floral nail art as I was just returning from Las Vegas and then prepping to go to Canada but I am very excited to be able to participate in this month's theme of gradient nail art! The caliber of these other awesome nail bloggers is just outstanding so make sure to visit each of their blogs in the Link Up widget at the end of my post. 

Ahhh, gradients. It's a relatively simple form of nail art that can be very eye-catching. And with the popularity of the many latex barrier applicators out there, it's much less messy to apply a gradient then it used to be. I received a bottle of Glisten & Glow Ctrl-Alt-Del when I was at Cosmo Prof and have been using this latex barrier for a few weeks now so if you are looking for a one to try, I can recommend that one. 

As for what colors to pick, you can do a two to three to four color gradient depending on how complex you want to go. I decided to a two tone gradient of turquoise to white using Polish My Life Stripped and B Squared Lacquer Plur. Then I applied a layer matte topcoat (Polish My Life Mat(t)erialistic) and after that was dry, I applied a splatter of gold acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is awesome for splatter nail art because any stray splatter on my skin will wash off with water. 

Under Direct Sunlight: 

I love how this turned out! There is a slight textured feel of the splatter against the matte base. And the turquoise/white gradient is complimented by the gold splatter. 

Thanks for reading and please check out my fellow bloggers' gradient nail art below:

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