Friday, August 28, 2015

Great Lakes Lacquer September LE's: Harvest Moon 2015 Come, Reap & Mother’s Mauve

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Hey all! I have two new polishes to share with you today from Great Lakes Lacquer. If you will recall from my introductory post in July, Great Lakes is a newer indie brand on the market. Her next collection will releasing in a few weeks time but in the meantime, the two here are part of her monthly Limited Edition series. They will be released Monday, August 31st, at 7 pm EST in Great Lakes Lacquer's shop and available throughout the month of September. 

Great Lakes Lacquer Harvest Moon 2015 Come, Reap
Two coats
Orange toned red creme/jelly with orange/red shimmer
It's likely well known that I love red polish so this one without a doubt appeals to me. It's a very brightened shade of red, with that slight orange tone to it. Very easy formula application, I barely had any clean up to do!

Here is the description that Mariah included for this particular polish:

"In traditional folklore, the Harvest Moon is the one that comes closest to the autumnal equinox. This year’s Harvest Moon lands on September 28th. In years of old, the light of the Harvest Moon illuminated fields so that farmers could continue harvesting that year’s bounty. It signified the reaping of hard work and a close to the growing season. A time of celebrating and a time of reflecting on what has been sewn, it is the end of one stage in nature and the beginning of another. For those of you who recognize the phrase in the name from a book, there will be more to come by next year’s Harvest Moon."

Great Lakes Lacquer Mother’s Mauve
Two coats
Mauve purple creme with bronze and gold shimmer and holographic pigment
Oh wow, what a pretty polish. Mauve usually a old-fashioned connotation to it's color but this looks modern and fresh. The prominent metallic shimmer and added holo pigment give it that extra sparkle. As with Harvest Moon, nice formula and issue-free application. 

Another description that Mariah included to give you some creative insight:

"My Mom’s birthday is September. She’s a lady with a heart of gold; one of those ladies that is a Mom to everyone. All of my close friends have called her Mom and do to this day. This color is a dedication to her. In my teenage years, I remember her bedroom being an explosion in mauve. All tones of mauve. She tells me that it needs to lean more pink but this is the color I remember. See? Still Mom."


Great Lakes Lacquer: 

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