Monday, August 31, 2015

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Claw Polish: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review 
Hey everyone! I have a few polishes from a brand that I haven't featured here before. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (or BPAL) is a indie company that specializes in body and household scents with a dark, romantic Gothic theme. You can find more information about their scent line in their main shop page. BPAL also has an expansion of their brand with their Claw Polish line, currently there are about 16 polishes available in their Trading Post shop. I have six of those polishes to share with you today. Jenny from Lavish Layerings has a few on her blog that I didn't receive if you wanted to see more swatches. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the polishes I received! I think they do really tie into BPAL's overall romantic, Gothic aesthetic but without being overt about it. Those of you who may not be a buyer already of BPAL scents could easily be tempted by these pretty polishes. The polish formula varied depending on the finish but overall I had no major issues, application was all around easy, I believe each photo is shown with two coats of coverage. The polishes are packaged in 10 ml square bottles and priced at $9.75, which is comparative to other indie brands. 

To purchase Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Claw Polishes, visit their shop here

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Baku
Two coats
Lilac purple creme with purple/blue ultra-chrome flakes and holo pigment
A stunner of a polish. It's has a lot going on, with those flake and holo in the base color but they all work well together. In direct sunlight, it's had a nice lower density linear holo flame.

(Direct Sunlight)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell
Two coats
Dark slate gray creme with iridescent gold/green flakes and subtle green shimmer
Moody and mysterious and full of visual interest. It's on the thicker side so careful application may be needed.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Event Horizon
Two coats
Black creme with silver shimmer
I happen to love starry night sky type of polishes but they can come in blue to black color variations. This black is not quite pitch black, it's more a very very dark blacked purple? I can't quite put my finger on the exact shade. Whatever you want to call it, it's dark and oh so interesting.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Harlot
Two coats
Deep red creme
Red polish? Yes please! Really nice formula as well, two coats for complete coverage.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Juke Joint
Two coats
Teal green with golden micro-flakes shimmer
Outstanding! That teal with those gold flakes, simply gorgeous. 

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Libertine
Two coats
Oxblood creme
The perfect burgundy red for fall. A little bit streaky, I am realizing now that I should have done a third coat to diminish any patchiness.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab:

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