Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Guest Post: Jenne from Polished Pathology

Today's guest post is from Jenne of Polished Pathology

Hey guys! I am very excited to be a part of Ida's guests posts while she is on vacation! I got to know her a bit more when we went to Cosmoprof and became blogger buddies. She is an absolutely amazing person, and I'm so glad we are friends! Today I want to utilize a little something different with the neon look. I will be using some faded neons that I swipe gradient with a sponge, then I dab some foil over it to give it a fun twist. Here are the products I used!

Let's get to the step by steps!

Step One:
Use your base coat of choice, followed up by one or two layers of your favorite white, depending on the opacity. My go to white is Wet n Wild Shine in French White Creme, and I used one coat. Because I hate waiting, I suggest using a quick dry top coat to speed up the process. While the white base is drying, use a latex barrier or tape around your nails for ease of cleanup. I used Mini Mani Moo, which you can see around my fingers here:

Step Two:
Swipe colors of your choice on the cosmetic sponge in any pattern. As you can see from the product picture, I used four different colors on my sponge. My favorite sponge to use is Swisspers cosmetic wedges, partially because I accidentally ordered 15 packs of them from Amazon. It was a happy mistake, because they really are quite good. The colors I used were Here I Go, Long Gone, Octopus, and Golden Hair from the Washed Out 2.0 Collection from Bohemian Polish.

Step Three:
Use a craft glue (I like Crafters Pick the Ultimate glue) and brush the glue over your nail using a nail brush or even a cotton swab. Really, you don't have to get fancy with the glue, you could even use elmers glue or mod podge. I just know that I've had the most foil success with Crafters Pic, and I got it at Hobby Lobby in my parents town the last time I was home to visit. Wait two-three minutes for it to slightly dry. Get your piece of nail foil (I suggest cutting off a piece BEFORE you have glue on your hands) and slightly dab it over the nail. Don't press too hard, as more foil will come off. To get this look, light and quick touches are the way to go. I got a giant pack of foil from Born Pretty Store, and just grabbed the plain silver. Wait five more minutes for the glue to dry, seal with your favorite top coat, then peel off your latex barrier! Done and done! :)

Top coat used: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

So, there ya have it! If you recreate this look, tag me on FB or IG so I can see! 



Thank you Jenny for this seriously through and awesome tutorial! If you haven't been following Jenne, you should, here are her social media links: 

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