Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Digital Nails Follow the Water & Fermi's Paradox

Purchased by Me
Helllllo all! I have another post for you today, this time I have a couple of Digital Nails polishes to share. Without further ado, on to the polishes:

 Digital Nails Follow the Water
Two coats
Dusky sea blue with holo micro-glitter
Such a unique polish! I don't think I have seen these shade of blue in this finish from any other brand as of yet. Two easy coats for coverage and a double layer of topcoat for a smooth shiny finish.
Follow the Water is an exclusive to The Christmas in July Collaboration Box, which was a box that included 16 indie brands who created 28 little surprises for the box. I purchased my bottle from someone on Facebook so I don't have other polishes and products that were included in the box but it looks like there are a few left in stock in Ellagee's shop. It is priced at $80, which initially looks like a huge number but consider how just how many brands are participating and how much you receive and it's a steal! 

Digital Nails Fermi's Paradox
Two coats
Black jelly base with red to green color-shifting micro-glitter and flakes, and purple color-shifting pigment. 
August's Monthly LE Polish
UGHHHHH SO DAMN GORGEOUS. It should come with a disclaimer, "Caution: May Cause Distraction". Very easy application and more opaque that I was anticipating. I thought I would need three coats but I had full coverage in two. As with the previous polish, a double layer of topcoat with smooth out those micro-glitter. Fermi's Paradox is available right now! If you haven't already, you should get this polish. Because once it's gone, it's gone. And polish regret is the worst. 


Digital Nails:

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