Friday, August 21, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish Spring 2015 Garden Party Collection: Swatches and Review

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Double post for today! I have had this blog post waiting for far too long on my draft back-burner. This is Fair Maiden Polish's Spring 2015 Collection. The garden party theme was very visible, both with the names and the colors of the polishes. It's a large collection, nine polishes total, but it's range of colors and finishes is something I appreciate as a buyer. Side note: I swatched these polishes months ago during a very wet month so I was not able to take direct sunlight photos of the holographic polishes, apologizes for that!

A number of these polishes are out of stock at the moment but hopefully they will be restocked in the future soon. And for those that are in stock, make sure to take advantage of Fair Maiden Polish's sale. 

Use the code fmaug20, for 20% off your order through August 31st, here is a direct link to Fair Maiden Polish's shop

Fair Maiden Polish Blue Moon Wisteria
Two coats
Indigo blue creme with violet shimmer
I think this is the star of the collection. It has a wonderful contrasting shimmer and the indigo blue is very saturated.

Fair Maiden Polish Evening Primrose
Three coats
Light yellow creme with blue iridscent shimmer
The formula is on the thick side but with the type of color that it is, I needed three coats for full coverage. I love it's buttercup yellow color and the shimmer throughout. 

Fair Maiden Polish Green Goddess
Three coats
Spring green medium density linear holographic
The color has just enough yellow to brighten it. It's brings to mind the freshness of spring greens. 

Fair Maiden Polish Maiden's Blush
Three coats
Pale plum medium density holographic with red/copper flakes
As pretty as a maiden's blush.....or just pretty. I like the flake detailing a whole lot. It's adds some warmth the purple color. 

Fair Maiden Polish Mint Succulent
Two coats
Pale khaki green low density linear holographic
Very reminiscent of it's name-sake. Not a color that I am drawn to but I liked the easy application.

Fair Maiden Polish Neptune Rose
Two coats
Orchid pink creme with teal shimmer
Color contrast! And shimmer that's quite prominent! Win!

Fair Maiden Polish Gilded Garden
Two coats
Champagne metallic medium density linear holographic with gold flakes 
Metallic holo polishes are classic and this is an especially nice one. 

Fair Maiden Polish Stargazer
Three coats
Rosy pink low density linear holographic 
A beautiful red/pink shade. It's jelly formula will require that you need to apply two to three coats for opaque coverage

Fair Maiden Polish Sweet Honeysuckle
Three coats
Coral creme with golden shimmer
This is the polish that drew my attention the most when it was released. Gold against coral is such a elegant color combination. 


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