Thursday, July 16, 2015

B Squared Lacquer EDM Collection: Swatches and Review

Purchased by Me
HELLLLLO! Goodness, I think my last few days have been crazy, amazing, hectic, and wonderful. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Las Vegas attending Cosmo Prof or CPNA 2015. I had full intentions of doing some spam posts but I didn't even have time for those. As for post CPNA, I have some photos from my weekend/week that I will be sharing throughout the next few weeks. But I also have many reviews in draft mode and I want to make sure and get those posted as well. To start off a bit slowly (I am still recovering lol), I have for you today, B Squared Lacquer's EDM Collection. 

This collection consists of six neon colored creme polishes. I actually purchased my set months ago, way back in March. I was impressed by the formula quality, application is easy with two coats, even the yellow. They are not the brightest neon colors but they are saturated and compliment each other well. I have used these a number of times for nail art looks, here and here though this one was my favorite.

B Squared Lacquer closed her shop for a month or so, which is why I held off on this review. I know it's hard to see a blog post and then you can't actually buy the polishes that were reviewed. She has now re-opened her shop and has a discount code as well, if you use the code HAPPY25 you will get 25% off your order, excluding stamper items, until July 19th. As for the EDM Collection, you can buy the whole set or individually in her shop here

B Squared Lacquer Down Tempo
Two coats
Blue leaning mid tone purple creme

B Squared Lacquer Kandi
Two coats
Bold fuchsia neon creme

B Squared Lacquer Plur 
Two coats
Fresh teal green creme

B Squared Lacquer Rave
Two coats
Crisp neon yellow creme

B Squared Lacquer The Drop
Two coats
Brightened mint green creme

B Squared Lacquer Trace 
Two coats
Neon peach creme


B Squared Lacquer:


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