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Pahlish The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hello! Double post for you guys today. I am going on vacation later this week so I want to make sure and have everything needing to be published go up before I leave. Earlier I showed you Elevation Polish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection, this afternoon is Pahlish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection. 

Both Shannon (Pahlish) and Lulu (Elevation) had watched the Netflix series, Marco Polo, and decided to use the same inspiration of Marco Polo and his travels and each make their own collection. I think it's an great way for both the brands, as well as their customers, to see how such a collaboration can lead to both a cross-over as well as differentiation of colors with their final results. You can totally tell which collection belongs to which brand as well as how the historical (and fictional) figures and far away cultures and countries influenced their creative process. 

Some clarifications of this collaboration:
  • Both Elevation Polish and Pahlish will release seven polish collections. They are using the same inspiration but each collection is different from the other, so there will be 14 different polishes total from both brands! 
  • Each brand will be releasing their collections in their respective shops, though you can purchase the collaborative duo in both brands' shops.
  • Elevation Polish will have her traditional square bottles, Pahlish will have their collection is their traditional round bottles. 
  • Each polish, for both brands, will have the same special edition label, like the ones are on The Venetian Duo: 

Pahlish's collection is a beautiful set of polishes. As with Elevation's collection, there are a range of colors, in various finishes. Formula and application was easy breezy, again, something I expect from Pahlish. 

Pahlish's The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection will be released August 2nd at 7 pm CST in Pahlish's shop. The Venetian Collaborative Duo will also be released at this time in Pahlish's shop.

Pahlish Hashshashin
Two coats
Pale taupe cream with subtle red pearl shimmer
Would it be a Pahlish collection without a taupe? It would but it wouldn't be the same without that taupe addition. This one is nice and creamy and has a subtle red pearl shimmer. The shimmer is more prominent in person than in my photos, however, I would not expect a crazy bold shimmer when you get your bottle. 

Pahlish Eternal Blue Sky
Two coats
Deep teal linear holographic with bright green sparks
Teal + Holo = Grabby Hands! 

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish Hundred Eyes
Two coats
Mahogany brown linear holographic with bronze shimmer
I was blown away by how much I loved this color as I am not always a brown polish person. But that shimmer, it's adds to the already rich and earthy brown color. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish Khanbaliq
Three coats
Milky jade-white creme with a mix of red metallic flakes
OH MY. Definitely my favorite of the collection. That color, with those flakes, yum.

(With Matte Topcoat)

Pahlish The Cricket Minister
Two coats
Olive creme with scattered blue, green, and gold ultra-chrome flakes
I fully admit that I was probably least looking forward to this polish. Murky greens, as with browns, are just not colors I go for. BUT after putting this one, I found myself admiring the color on my nails and definitely changed my mind. Also, the color appears darker on my nails than in the bottle, just by a smidge, but I wanted to still mention that. 

(With Matte Topcoat)

Pahlish The Heavenly and Primal
Two coats
Blackened ruby linear holographic
Perfection. For me anyway. And in the sun! Holy heck, it's stunning!

(Direct Sunlight)

Pahlish White Moon
Three coats
Silver linear holographic with scattered platinum sparks
When I opened my collection package, this is the polish that immediately drew my eye. And if you see it in person, it will get you too. It's a super duper, hella holo silver, with such a bold holo flame that you may need to hide your nails while driving. Yes, I may have been distracted judgement lol. 

(Direct Sunlight)



*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

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