Sunday, July 5, 2015

Indigo Bananas Neon, The 10th Element Collection: Swatches and Review

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Hi guys and gals! I have a super photo heavy post for today. These 12 polishes make up Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element Collection, 9 of which are neon cremes, the other three are holo and flake polishes. 

With all the indie neon polish collection releasing this summer, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by what to buy. I do love neon polishes, something I have mentioned before, but I also really don't like to own too many similar collections in my own nail polish collection. So I have been somewhat picky as to what brands I have bought this summer. I ended up getting a few, some of already been posted on my blog, some have yet to be reviewed, but one of the brands I was most excited for was Indigo Bananas' neons. And I was so happy when I received them! They are opaque and creamy and just thin enough that I can water-marble with them. And they are bright! Since they have neon pigment, expect for them to dry down to a semi-matte, rubber finish but topcoat will of course give you the shine you need. 

So, if you are still on the hunt for that perfect neon polish set, I can recommend Indigo Bananas' Neon set. And right now Indigo Bananas is having a Fourth of July sale, use the code SPARKLE4TH for 20% off your order until 10 pm CST tonight (July 5th).

Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element Collection is available right now, in mini and full size bottles, in Indigo Bananas' shop. Don't forget the sale code!

Indigo Bananas Rhubidium Rhod
Two coats
Neon red creme

Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element
Two coats
Neon pink creme

Indigo Bananas LiLoo (LithiumLoo)
Two coats
Neon orange creme

Indigo Bananas The Uranium Evil
Three coats
Neon yellow creme
The only one that I need that third coat for coverage.

Indigo Bananas Sulfur Green
Two coats
Neon green creme

Indigo Bananas Diva Plumbum
Two coats
Neon teal green creme

Indigo Bananas Carbon Dallas
Two coats
Neon cyan blue creme

Indigo Bananas Phlogiston Paradise
Two coats
Neon violet creme

Indigo Bananas Zinc Industries
Two coats
Neon magenta creme

Indigo Bananas Aether Or
Three coats
Pale gray linear holographic
This is a super pale gray, going almost but not quite white. It's a creme based holo and that factor, along with the color, will make the holo flame a lower density one. Instead of a major holo flame, you get a awesome holo sparkle in the sun. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Indigo Bananas Earth, Wind & Fire
Layered over Elevation Polish Mount McKinley 
Clear base with holo pigment and crystal multi-colored flakes. 
This is a new type of flakes according to Indigo Bananas. They do have a slight shift in color to them, these though have a dominating gold coloring. I thought they looked amazing over the light purple and especially with the matte topcoat. 

(With Matte Topcoat)

Indigo Bananas Mul-Ti-Pass
Layered over Polish My Life Stripped
Clear base with rainbow assortment of ultra-chrome flakes
Oh man, this is by far my favorite chrome flake polish right now. It's got every color that you could think of and is just so pretty over a light base. 

(With Matte Topcoat)


Indigo Bananas:


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