Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection: Swatches and Review

Provided for Review
Hi everyone! I have some new polishes from Different Dimension to share with you today. I had a chance to meet Missi, the creator of Different Dimension, while I was in Las Vegas attending the Cosmo Prof CPNA convention. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone I have been representing as a blogger and she is such a lovely lady.

The Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection is a set of six holographic polishes, all with added glitter and flakes. They applied so well, most needing two coats, one or two needing three. Each one had a bold high density holographic flame, which is my personal preference. Because a few have more glitter than others, you will see a few variances in finish. Those that do have the extra glitter may dry down to a gritty finish, which is not problematic, I would just recommend a double layer of topcoat to for a glass smooth finish.

I also have a coupon code to share! EXCITING! If you use CPNA2015 you will receive 30% off orders placed before August 31, 2015. I know I will be using that to fill in a few gaps in my own collection.

The Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection will be available on August 1st at 9 pm EST in Different Dimension's shop. There will also be a huge clearance sale of retired inventory during this time.

Different Dimension Absolute Zero
Two coats
Champagne linear holographic with holographic micro-glitter
For those that like their holos on the neutral side. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Blue Shift
Two coats
Cobalt blue linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
Wow oh wow! A majorly intense blue. Very opaque as well, I barely needed to add on that second coat of polish. When I do see a intense blue like this I do worry about potential staining. I can't say this will stain, as I just swatched it but if you have concerns, you may want to apply a ride-filler or other thick base coat.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Cosmic Ray
Two coats
Fuchsia linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
A beautiful color, so bright and fresh, and one of my favorites of the collection.

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Quaser
Two coats
Light purple linear holographic with sparse holo micro-glitter and blue sparks
Because there must be a purple. But that's because purple polish is awesome. And so is this!

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Retrograde
Two coats
Bronze linear holographic with holo micro-glitter
OMG. Another brown holo that I love. What is happening to me? Have I gone to the brown side? Lol I am being dramatic I know but yeah, this is my favorite of the six and I have no doubt it will be a collection favorite for you guys too. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension Space-Time
Two coats
Aqua teal linear holographic with holo micro-glitter and blue sparks. 
I love this sort of aqua color shade, it makes me want to do some sort of mermaid nail art with it. 

(Direct Sunlight) 

Different Dimension will also be releasing nail art glasses on Saturday, August 1st. It's the size of a shot glass and you can use it for nail art, water-marbling. I think it's just the right size to keep next to me when I do my nails, filled with a bit of acetone to do clean-up with. OR you could use it for drinks, to hold change, really anything you heart desires. (I know some of you will be doing shots though LOL). 


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