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Elevation Polish The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection: Swatches and Review

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Hey guys! I have a new collection from Elevation Polish to share today. You may recall from last week from my Elevation Pahlish Venetian Duo blog post, Elevation Polish and Pahlish will be collaborating with each other for their August collections. Both Lulu and Shannon had recently watched the Netflix series, Marco Polo, and after talking with each other, decided that they wanted to each do a collection using the same inspiration of Marco Polo and his travels. I love the idea of this, of having a singular idea for inspiration and then two brands creating something from that inspiration. 

Some clarifications of this collaboration:
  • Both Elevation Polish and Pahlish will release seven polish collections. They are using the same inspiration but each collection is different from the other, so there will be 14 different polishes total from both brands! 
  • Each brand will be releasing their collections in their respective shops, though you can purchase the collaborative duo in both brands' shops.
  • Elevation Polish will have her traditional square bottles, Pahlish will have their collection is their traditional round bottles. 
  • Each polish, for both brands, will have the same special edition label, like the ones are on The Venetian Duo: 

For The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection, Elevation Polish has created a seven polish set, all polishes that really invoke the exotic locales that Marco Polo traveled, as well as colors using specific aesthetics and style of characters from the show. While I love the bright colors that come with summer collections, I will say that these very fall appropriate colors were welcomed with open arms, or I should say hands. Formula wise, so so good, not surprising as that's an expectation I have of Elevation Polish. I needed no more than two coats for each of the seven polishes. And the colors! They are saturated and rich and without even viewing the show, you can see the inspiration. 

Elevation Polish's Adventures of Marco Polo Collection will be released August 7th, at 9 pm CST in Elevation Polish's shop. The Venetian Collaborative Duo will be available as well at this time in Elevation Polish's shop. 

Elevation Polish Empress Chabi
Two coats
Plum purple creme/jelly with violet duo-chrome shimmer
DAMN. Such a fine looking polish. I feel like I say this a lot, so forgive me, but this is a polish that you have to see in person to really appreciate the beauty of it. 

Elevation Polish Khan of Khans
Two coats
Burnished olive shimmer
Oh so rich. It's a very opaque polish as well, you could easily use this for stamping, it's that opaque. 

Elevation Polish Le Città Invisibili 
Two coats
Mauve taupe creme with gold/purple/blue/pink./green ultra-chrome flakes
You may have seen variations of this polish in recent SBP releases. This final version is my favorite though. The slighting purple tone of the taupe makes this an awesome neutral. And those chrome flakes are working so well. 

(With Matte Topcoat)

Elevation Polish Minkh Khukh Tengri 
Two coats
Dark slate blue creme with gold/green/blue ultra-chrome flakes and iridescent green/blue micro-shimmer
The chrome flakes make another appearance but with slightly different coloring and they look pretty darn good in the dark blue base. There is a subtle green shimmer that adds definition to the polish. 

(With Matte Topcoat)

Elevation Polish Saif al Jabbar
Two coats
Dark chocolate brown linear holographic with pink/orange shimmer
Calling this a brown holo is an weak description, as it's such a complex brown holo! It has a ton of shimmer, giving it a fiery look to it and in the sun, that linear holo is like, BAM, POW. 

(Direct Sunlight)

Elevation Polish The Latin of 4 Languages
Two coats
Rusty orange shimmer
I knew that this one would be instant love, as orange metallic colors are major weakness for me. It fits in perfectly among the other collection colors as well. This probably has the most visible brush-strokes to it compared to the other metallic polishes. But with the type of color that it is, I don't feel as  it's a major distraction (like it would with a frosty pearl color).

Elevation Polish Zhenjin
Two coats
Metallic gold linear holographic 
What a gold! It's not a brassy or antiqued gold but more like what a gold bar would look like, referencing what merchants and kingdoms used for currency. This is mid to high density holo but it will have a different look in the metallic formula compared to Saif al Jabbar's creme/jelly formula (also a mid to high density holo).

(Direct Sunlight) 


Elevation Polish:

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  1. Here my favorites are Le Citta Invisibili and Empress Chibi, but I feel like I have a dupe for that one in Hard Candy Scam. Also, I'm worried Le Citta is a little too dusty lavender and not taupe for me.


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