Monday, October 14, 2013

Nabi Hologram Monday

Good morning! It is a very gloomy and rainy Monday where I am so I thought I would share some holo goodness from a past sunny day with you all. I really love these Nabi Hologram polishes, they are super pigmented, many of them requiring just one coat for coverage, though I applied two coats for each photo.
 The holo effect is more scattered instead of a linear holo flame that I prefer but I still enjoyed wearing these. Something to keep in mind is that the holo will dull immediately with topcoat, even with my trusty OPI DS topcoat which I have used on other holo polishes. I purchased mine through eBay from this seller

Nabi Hologram Flamingo

Nabi Hologram Sky Blue

Nabi Hologram Tawny

Nabi Hologram Bronze 
(well, really labeled "Brone" but you get the idea)

Nabi Hologram Red
It's no surprise that my favorite of them all is the red one. 

Nabi Hologram Teal


  1. Gah! I still haven't worn these. I need to wear Flamingo's SO PRETTY!

  2. Wow, these are all nice, but RED and FLAMINGO are outstanding!!


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