Monday, October 7, 2013

Hare Polish The Tropics are Calling Collection

Hey guys! How about we start off our week with some Hare Polishes? These are from Hare's late summer 2013 The Tropics are Calling collection. I do really like the concept behind this collection, I can definitely see myself wearing any of these while on a vacation at a tropical locale and a umbrella drink in my hand. Formula wise, easy application, a couple of them, like Flight of the Flamingos, are a tad thick, so I would recommend waiting a bit between coats. 

Side note: The Elevation Polish The Leaves giveaway winner has been picked and notified. Thank you all so much for your participation, I think I will have to do something special for the upcoming holidays, so stay tuned for that in the coming months.  

Hare Polish Dancing Bird of Paradise
Two coats
Cherry red jelly with neon pink, white and gold glitter. 
Similar to Leap Light Year's base color but the glitter in this one is completely different (Leap Light Year only has silver glitter).

Hare Polish Flight of the Flamingos
Three coats
Taupe crelly (creme/jelly) base with neon pink and gold glitter and shimmer. 
I love this one! The neon pink and gold stand out so well in the neutral taupe base.

Hare Polish Mad Chill
Three coats
Cobalt blue jelly with neon blue, white, and pale blue glitter along with silver shimmer. 
OH YEAH, definitely my favorite of the collection. 
Cobalt blue is always a color I am drawn toward and the selection of glitter colors makes this a unique polish. 

Hare Polish Neon Palm
Three coats
Faded green jelly with neon pink and copper glitter. 
The one that looks most "tropical" to me somehow, I think it's the green base color that to me is reminiscent of tropical trees and greenery. 

Hare Polish Washed Ashore
Three coats
Warm pale pink jelly with pale blue, purple/blue iridescent glitter, and silver shimmer. 
Light and delicate, I love how the iridescent glitter looks in the pale pink base. 

The Tropics are Calling collection, as well as other Hare Polishes, can be purchased in Hare's Etsy shop, Llarowe, and Femme Fatale. Updates on new collections, stocking, can be found on Facebook, on Instagram, and on her site


  1. Lovely collection and swatches!! I love flight of the flamingoes and mad chilli!! :)

  2. These are all amazing! I wish I could get my hands on them.


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