Tuesday, October 15, 2013

KBShimmer Misfits Tuesday

Good morning everyone! I have a handful of KBShimmer Polishes for today. These are a part of KBShimmer's Misfits collection, which consisted of one-offs or limited in number polishes that were not included in any other KBShimmer collection. This collection was released late June and I was lucky enough to grab these five. This collection is not available any longer BUT if you wanted to purchase any of KBShimmer's regular line, look to her webshop, her Etsy shop, Harlow and Co and to her Facebook page for updates.

KBShimmer The Peach Pit
Three coats
Cream colored jelly with white, plum, and peach glitter. 

KBShimmer Electric Limeade
Three coats
Green leaning neon yellow with white and neon green glitter. 
Eye-searingly bright!

KBShimmer Field of Greens
Three coats
Grass green jelly with gold, blue, purple, pink and teal glitter. 

KBShimmer Grape to Meet You
Two coats
Dark grape purple jelly with purple, blue and white squares. 
Similar to KBShimmer The Square but the base color for this is more opaque, leans more cool in tone, and the glitter colors are less varied. 

KBShimmer Sun Spots
Three coats
Warm neon yellow with neon orange and red and white glitter. 
Compared to Electric Limeade, I like this more, the orange and red really pop against the yellow base.


  1. KBShimmer is great! I love The Peach Pit and Field of Greens.

  2. I'm glad to see swatches of these! I was lucky enough to score The Peach Pit and Field of Greens. I almost got my hands on the red and pink one, that I can't remember the name of, but I lost it in my cart.

    1. Oh man, the luck of the draw I guess. But thanks and I'm glad you were able to grab a couple of them.


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