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Different Dimension Winter 2015 Babes in Toyland Collection: Swatches and Review

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Hello! I have more Different Dimension polishes to share with you today. In addition to yesterday's Dream Team Trio, Missi is also releasing her Winter 2015 Babes in Toyland Collection. This collection is a 11 polish set, which a range of colors and finishes. 

The Babes in Toyland Collection will launch Friday December 4th (that's tonight) at 9 pm EST in Different Dimension's shop

Prices will vary from $8.75 to $12 each with Boy Blue being specially priced at $5. There will also be new cuticle oil scents of Very Merry Cranberry, Cinnamon Candies, White Chocolate and Caramel Popcorn. 

Different Dimension Boy Blue
Three coats
White creme/jelly with silver and various blue glitter.
This is specially priced at just $5
I love the icy blue in the white base. The color is not quite opaque at two coats so I did a third but it ended up looking quite thick in my photos. So I would either recommend applying thinner style coats or applying over a white polish for your base. 

Different Dimension Barnaby
Two coats
Bronze linear holographic with sterling silver flakes
More metallic goodness. This looks more copper to me but I think it's because those silver flakes lightened up the bronze color base. 

Different Dimension Bo Peep
Two coats
Rose pink linear holographic with gold shimmer and sterling silver flakes.
Gorgeous rose gold with a holo finish. Full coverage in two coats.

 Different Dimension Forest of No Return
Two coats
Bronze, brown, and gold holographic and metallic micro-glitter
OH YES. I love a good full coverage micro-glitter and this is unlike any other I have. The brown has some warmth with the bronze and gold and it's very opaque in two coats. You will want to double up your topcoat though, with all that glitter.

Different Dimension Jack 
Two coats
Pale blue creme with holographic pigment and blue flakes
I flat out adore this one with it's icy blue coloring. Easy application in two coats. 

Different Dimension Jill
Two coats
Pale violet linear holographic with blue flakes and holographic glitter sparks
Lovely light purple holo. Paired up with Jack, this does have a more visible, higher density holo flame. 

Different Dimension Kiss Me At Midnight
Two coats
Silver and black holographic and metallic glitter
So gosh darn pretty. Missi mentions in her notes that this was created with New Year's Eve in mind and I completely agree! Perfect sparkle for that celebratory evening. This is one that you will get opacity with two coats with just a bit of visible nail line but not enough that I bothered with a third coat.

Different Dimension Mary Contrary 
Layered over Different Dimension Jack 
Clear base glitter topper of turquoise, navy blue, deep red, royal purple, dashes of green and silver micro-shard shimmer.
A very festive glitter topper that fits into the holiday season but is wearable year-round. I have it shown as one coat over two different base colors. Over black you can see the silver shimmer more clearly.

Different Dimension Mary Contrary 
Layered over Pretty Serious Absence 

Different Dimension Tom Piper
Two coats
Pale green linear holographic with gold shimmer and flakes
This is similar in formula and finish to Bo Beep and Jill but with a very strong gold detailing. I like the gold and pale minty green pairing a whole lot. 

Different Dimension Toyland 
Two coats
Green, red, and gold various metallic and holographic glitter
I am excited to wear this one again closer to Christmas Day. It's like the holiday season bottled up. Similar application as Kiss Me at Midnight, you'll need two coats for complete coverage with some visible nail line but not enough to be an issue.

Different Dimension Mother Goose
Two coats
Burgundy linear holographic
I saved my favorite for last with this stunning deep holo. The color is rich and beautiful. I have seen something similar release from other brands but this has a fantastic formula and application, barely needing two coats and a blue flash, high density holo. It's been cloudy lately so I didn't get a chance to take any sun shots of the holos in this collection but I wanted to show off Mother Goose's blue holo flame so you guys get a low light flash photo. Hope that helps you!

(under low light, with flash)


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