Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Hands Friday

Happy Friday! How about some Happy Hands polishes to finish the week off with? 

Happy Hands What's This?
Two coats layered over Contrary Polish Bright Night
Part of the Holiday 2012 collection and discontinued
Worn a weeks ago when I had the shortest of nubs. Winter wonder on my nails. 

Happy Hands Art is Hard
Two coats layered over Lippmann I Know What Boys Like
Harlow and Co exclusive and can be purchased here
Very fun polish! I love the red heart glitter.

Happy Hands Ditto
Two coats layered over Illamasqua Cameo
LE and not for sale at this time
Bright blue glitter mixed with black and white and this is the stunning result

Happy Hands Flowers on the Highway
Two coats layered over Takko Lacquer Blushing Nude
From Greetings from Florida collection and currently available
One of Kristi's first releases, this cheerful polish is meant to represent the wide variety of spring wildflowers scattered alongside Florida highways

Happy Hands Orange Koolaid (mattified)
Two coats layered over Essie Action 
Prototype polish and not for sale at this time (but maybe in the future?)
This is just so very ORANGE, nothing more to say.

Happy Hands Beachy Keen
Two coats layered over Barielle Decandence
Part of Happy Hands' upcoming Beachy Keen collection
With this layering combo, reminds me very much of watermelon, which is perfect for summer.
Very fun polish, I have worn it a couple of times since receiving this.

Happy Hands Sandcastles in the Sand 
Three coats and then mattified
Part of Happy Hands' upcoming Beachy Keen collection
Inspired by (How I Met Your Mother) Robin Sparkles' summer love-song, this is an awesome neutral with a twist. 
I love the shimmery glitter reminiscent of seashells and ocean waves. 

BONUS! Here is "Sandcastles in the Sand" music video:

Beachy Keen and Sandcastles in the Sand (along with two others from the Beachy Keen Collection) will available tomorrow (YAY!) June 1st, 5 pm EST here and here.
Updates regarding Happy Hands news and etc can be found on her Facebook page here.


  1. Awesome swatches! There all look great :)

  2. Wow - orange koolaid!!! I need Kristi to put that one into production :D

    1. IKR? Maybe a subtle nudge would make that happen...

  3. I love everything! Especially the video, haha :P

    1. Thank you! lol, how could I NOT include that little bit of awesomesauce?


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