Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OPI Wednesday

OPI, my first polish love. You began my polish habit as a young muggle with a dark vamp (have no idea which one) and have seen me through many years of polish purchases and collections. I still think that many of the names are stupid but that is a minor detail. 

And that's my ode to OPI. Here are some random OPI polishes to for your Wednesday viewing pleasure. 

OPI Diva of Geneva
Classic OPI color and was a perfect base for a color shifting topcoat. 

OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest
Full disclosure, I think I hate this photo, the lighting that day was NOT working out for me and the very cool shimmer fell flat in the sunlight. 

OPI German-icure by OPI
What I consider the sister polish to Oktoberfest above. The are both vampy shimmers but completely different in tone. Oktoberfest is purple and German-icure has the rusty red color I love. 

OPI Glacier Bay Blues
A bit of a disappointment in all honesty. I should have followed suggestions to layer it over black but I wanted to see how it would look solo. 

OPI Grape Set Match
Super pretty glass fleck polish. The blue flash gives it a twist to differentiate from all the others. 

OPI Love is a Racket
A hot hot HOT red! Perfect pedi color. 

OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke
I was afraid that this would look to brassy but it's just pale enough of a gold to avoid that. I have seen pics of this layered over another color (like here, here and here) and I will have to pull this out again to try that. 

OPI You’re Such a BudaPest
Lovely periwinkle purple, one of my favorite colors from the Euro Centrale collection.


  1. Lovely swatches!

    I like Glacier Bay Blues over navy; I think the only time I wore it on it's own I ended up doing about five coats, and I still didn't like it!

    1. Thanks! Sadly, I purged it, but I have no regret!

  2. Diva of Geneva was an untried for me until your gorgeous mani prompted me to reach for it. Thank you! :)


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