Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Revolution Project Badass

The people who know me well, they get a front row viewing of my deep abiding love for certain shows. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the shows. Sure the characters are immoral and crazy but that's what makes for hilarious writing and the potential for amazing scenarios and quotes. So when I learned that Happy Hands and Polish Revolution, already two very cool indie polish brands, were collaborating on a It's Always Sunny inspired polish collection, well, this was my reaction: 

Yes, pure dancing excitement! Taking a page from Accio Lacquer I decided that I would have to combine my love of gifs and It's Always Sunny in one post. Formula wise, these are pretty dang great. Three coats are needed for the majority due to the jelly base in the polishes. 

Happy Revolution Aluminum Monster
Sweet Dee looking like the loveliest lady ever:
Two coats layered over American Apparel Moonlight Beach
Black jelly with teal shimmer and teal, silver, and gold holo glitter
The shimmer is oh so visible. The one could be worn solo but you will get more of an impact layering over a darker color. 

Happy Revolution Flip Flip Flipadelphia
Better known as the competition to end all drinking competitions

Three coats
Gray jelly with red, gunmetal and silver glitter
The colors work well together and all I could hear when I wore this was "Flip, Flip, Flipadelphia!"

Happy Revolution Green Man
Charlie's alter ego:

Three coats
Bright green jelly with neon and lime green glitter.
This is much brighter in person and makes me want to go and find my own green suit to match my nails.

Happy Revolution Kitten Mittens
Is Your Cat Making TOO MUCH NOISE all the time?
Three coats
White jelly with black, white, pale pink and baby blue glitters
A little streaky with this one but not unusual with white polishes. Despite that, I think this one is my favorite of the collection. 

Happy Revolution Night Crawlers
Just a game between two friends and why yes, that is a giant box of wine being poured into soda cans.
Three coats
Wine red jelly with red micro glitter, matte gray, silver, and gunmetal glitters
LOVE this polish, the wine red just makes me want to drink it down. lol, I will restrain myself from doing so.

Happy Revolution Rum Ham
Only the best way to get drunk and eat delicious ham.
Three coats
Pink jelly with copper, pink, brown, pineapple yellow and cherry red glitters.
This is a pink I can get behind. The choice of glitter colors prevents this from being too baby pink sweet.

Happy Revolution Champion of the Sun
Charlie's masterpiece in video form
Listen to it once and you will be singing Champion of the Sun, well, like a champion. 
Three coats 
Pale yellow jelly with orange, yellow and gold glitter.
A very sunny and happy polish.

Happy Revolution The Nightman Cometh
A journey into the mind of a simple man who just wants a waitress' love
Two coats layered over Dior Amazonia
Clear base with black, lime, gold and white glitters.
This is such a unique glitter blend, my favorite of the collection following Kitten Mittens

I wanted to see how The Nightman Cometh would look over both dark and light polishes so here is another look.
Two coats layered over Sation Loudest Color

I hoped you liked seeing these polishes as much as I enjoyed wearing them. Kudos to both Happy Hands and Polish Revolution for first creating a well thought out It's Always Sunny inspired collection. As a fan of the show, I can totally see how each polish was inspired and where the references came from. 

Polishes from the Happy Revolution Project Badass collection can be purchased from Happy Hands shop OR Polish Revolution's shop.

*The products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


  1. Haha what a fun post! The gifs are awesome as well as all the polishes :D

  2. sunny IS the best show on tv, possibly ever on earth (besides doctor who) - so i am in dire need of owning all of these!

  3. Super post! Some of these polishes are gorgeous too!


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